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Aerial and Fashion Photography by Joseph Ford

English photographer Joseph Ford in collaboration with  Almut Vogel from Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin created incredible series of photos combining aerial photography and fashion. Composite images are created out of the aerial landscapes, taken in Morocco, Sicily, Sardinia and Mauritius continued with shots of clothes by Missoni, Boss, Kenzo, APC, Herno, Woolrich, Swatch and others. Blending textures and perspectives of two totally different entities Ford created his own unique presentation of aerial and fashion photography.

Cinemagraphs – Capturing the Moment with GIF Images

New York fashion photographer Jamie Beck, in collaboration with the designer and motion graphics artist Kevin Burg,  have created a series called “cinemagraphs” of animated Gif images with an aim to reach somewhere between photographic and video images, still images transformed into moments. Gif (Graphics Interchange Format) was developed in 1987 (CompuServe) to replace the earlier RLE format which was black and white only. Nowadays Gif is widely used on the World Wide Web, both for still images and for animations. Gif uses LZW data compression which is much more efficient than the run-length encoding. Due to it you can download large images even with a slow modem for quite a reasonable time. The optional interlacing… Read more »

Gucci Museum – Florence, Italy

For the last 90 years many people around the world have been enjoying the style of Italian brand – Gucci. As a culmination of celebrating the anniversary, the fashion house decided to open its own museum to mark its evolution and preserve the most significant moments through their history. The official opening was held on the 26th of September 2011 with the presence of many stars from the fashion industry world. starting from September 28, the first visitors were able to enjoy the evolution of the Gucci story. Located in the heart of its hometown – Florence, Italy, inside the 14th century Palazzo della… Read more »

Louis Vuitton Island Maison in Singapore

Famous French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, just opened their newest and fifth showroom in Singapore last week. The new store isn’t just a branch, its a complete glass island-building, designed by Safdie Architects as a part of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel development opened in April of last year. The Marina Bay Sands complex just couldn’t have enough to offer, despite the casinos, restaurants, 3-towers hotel, world’s largest sky park, and the infinity view roof-top pool it sports,  one of two glass-and-steel pavilions Safdie built at the edge of the bay was acquired by the fashion house, and turned into LV’s biggest showroom… Read more »

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