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Perfect Match – Readers Matching Book Covers to Their Bodies

Once Emily Pullen, a worker of Skylight Books in Los Angeles, was having fun while taking pictures with books matching to her and her co-workers bodies around the store. Later on she realized that this creative time-wasting has endless possibilities which other people could enjoy too. That’s how her blog was created. Pullen not only posts herself holding books but invites anyone around the world to contribute to her collection. 

Humorous Food Photography by Vanessa Dualib

Vanessa Dualib is a photographer from São Paulo, Brazil. Her love to food, fun and photography produced a great combination of humorous images.Vanessa calls herself “deeply dedicated to FUNtography”. Can not disagree, her characters will easily leave a smile on your face. “The projects “Eggventures of Eggbert” and “Playing with Food” started in 2009 inside Flickr. It all started as another personal project to put together 3 things I like: photography, humor and food. Eventually I noticed that I was not the only one that liked those 3 things and people all over the world started to enjoy my project.” – explains the… Read more »

Simple, Bright and Fun Illustrations by Heng Swee Lim

Heng Swee Lim from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia draws humorous doodles pairing ordinary objects with funny phrases. Lim’s art is full of jokes and optimism. Scroll through some of them, good mood and few laughs are guaranteed! “I would describe my work as simple and fun, but with a strong idea or message behind it. Life should be fun and humorous when possible and I hope that my illustrations generate a sense of joy and happiness.” – Lim says.

Humorous Illustrations by Jaco Haasbroek

Jaco Haasbroek, illustrator and designer from Capetown, South Africa, creates fun and sometimes silly illustrations. His perspective on the meaning of different words and expressions spotlights new humorous ways of understanding them. Each artwork is entertaining in its own unique way.

Darcy – Instagram’s Cutest Hedgehog

It’s always fun to find a new account to follow on Instagram. This time I was impressed by creativity of Shota Tsukamoto from Tokyo, Japan. His thread is all about his amazing pet – a hedgehog called Darcy (aka @darcytheflyinghedgehog), who already has more than 355,000 fans. She is 3 years old and was named after the former bassist from the band The Smashing Pumpkins. All the shots Tsukamoto takes are extremely adorable and creative as he uses different, sometimes unexpected objects in his photo compositions. Pictures are left without any captions so viewers can imagine their own stories. There is also… Read more »

Christmas Miracle Arranged by Canadian Airlines

Canada’s  airlines company WestJet recently arranged a real Christmas miracle for their 250 customers traveling from Hamilton and Toronto International Airports for two Calgary-bound flights. Passengers had to scan their boarding passes in Santa’s kiosks in the airport and say what they want for Christmas. The wishes happened to vary from fresh socks to a big-screen TV. After everyone boarded more than 150 WestJet employees ran to luggage carousel as the passengers arrive. WestJet will start donating flights to families in need if video will get at least 200,000 views on YouTube. Published on December 8th, it already got more than 12,000,000 hits! Enjoy the… Read more »

Mother Turns Her Baby’s Naptime into Magical Dream Adventures

Queenie Liao, a Chinese mother of three boys, has created a fascinating series of her son Wengenn dream adventures called Wengenn in Wonderland. She started in 2010 when her baby was just three months. Before each nap time Queenie would set up a  little story using the ordinary household objects, stuffed toys, clothes and then put her son in the middle of the action as soon as he falls asleep. By now the artist made around 100 sets which, along with some how-to examples, were published as a book in 2012 in China. The English version is already on the way as well.

Funny Illustrations of Animals and Various Objects Talking Out Loud

New York graphic designer David Olenick creates hilarious yet smart series of illustrations about everyday life of animals and various objects. Truth from Olenick will make you look at your kitty or even cup of coffee differently from now. All these and many more decals are available for purchase as t-shirt, iPhone case, pillow and so on prints on Society6 and Threadless.

20 Outstanding Houses with Face Features

Previously featured article 21 Epic Faces in Everyday Objects has inspired Urban Peek to compile this new collection. Here are 20 examples of houses with face features we liked the most. Shapes of their windows and doors create an amusing picture of various emotions – from shock to surprise, joy and happiness.  Enjoy!

21 Epic Faces in Everyday Objects

Faces exist around us within all objects, all you have to do is just look closely. Observing an object’s shape or looks and feeling it has a face is  actually a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia, which involves a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant; it’s a form of apophenia (seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data). For the kicks of having a fun and different type of post, here are some everyday objects looking at you with their epic faces. Enjoy! 1. OMG Wall Image credits: eworm 2. Pleased Pots Image credits: knowyourmeme.com 3. Sad… Read more »

You Had One Job To Do!

Time for some Monday Fun! Here are some of the best submissions of “You Had One Job To Do”. We’re all human and have made mistakes, however, some blunders are much funnier than others. You Had One Job! is a site dedicated to displaying the humor in human error. Enjoy!

Can You Find Momo the Dog in These Photos?

Meet Momo, the Most Elusive Puppy on Instagram Ontario-based graphic designer Andrew Knapp invites everyone to find Momo, his strange 4.5-year-old border collie, who, unlike other dogs, would always hide when fetching sticks instead of returning them. Andrew initially started making the pictures as a gift to his nephews and nieces, but after uploading them online, the response was greatly appreciative. Andrew even started a special Find Momo blog, where the fans soon started demanding a book. This is now among Andrew’s plans, and the adorable photo shoots continue. You’d think a black and white dog must hide best when there’s snow,… Read more »

A Trombone Slide with a GoPro Camera Attached to it

The hilarious video by David Finlayson of a GroPro Camera attached to the end of a trombone slide is just silly. The camera’s motion becomes perfectly synchronized with the music, although very predictable, yet awesome and funny to watch. POV with my GoPro camera attached to my Yamaha Xeno trombone. [Via Colossal]

“Out of place” Photo Manipulations by Robert Rickhoff

Digitally manipulated images by artist Robert Rickhoff, graduate of Crossmedia Design at ArtEZ Enschede in Netherlands, will definitely make you look twice at them. The series of his work called “Out of Place” is provocative and fun at the same time. The artist tried to joke around our daily routine and familiar places and his ideas resulted into very fresh and realistic pictures. “I think without a concept, there’s nothing. Having found the concept, it´s a question of communicating this in the clearest and shortest way. Nothing superfluous or that can´t be justified, everything for a reason and everything with a… Read more »

Capturing the Reaction: Water Balloons Thrown at People’s Faces by Sarah Lim

Artists always try to capture a special moment creating more and more challenges for themselves and their audience. Sarah Lim, Texas-based  photographer, brought up the idea of watching people’s emotions towards a water balloon thrown right at their faces. Scared, surprised, excited, annoyed – first reaction will never lie. [Sarah Lim]

Hilariously Creative WTF? Posters by Minga

Argentina-based Minga Creative – Studio came out with a funny and creative posters idea. They called the project “WTF?” and after gaining success had to even make an addition of WTF 2. The abbreviation is usually used to express ridicule and to point out what doesn’t make sense. Minga’s posters totally reflects this meaning. 

The Unique Toys of Child’s Own Studio

Creativity has no age limits. Wendy Tsao, a talented lady from Vancouver, BC, came out with an outstanding idea of turning drawings of kids into real toys using the child’s own imagination. The result overcame any expectations, Wendy in her Child’s Own Studio is creating amazing characters out of pictures which not always could be understood properly.

Project “Blow Job” by Lithuanian Photographer Tadao Cern

Have you ever stuck your head out of the car window as a kid to get the roller-coaster-like feel of winds blowing through your teeth and gums?! I’m sure you’ve enjoyed it at least once. Lithuanian photographer and artist Tadao Cern decided to recreate the look of peoples faces enduring gale-force winds through this hilarious photo-shoot entitled, Blow Job.

Hamilton Grange Teen Center in New York by Rice+Lipka architects

What image do you get with the word “library”? Lots of dusty books, silence signs and the book worm spirit! A simple yet outstanding choice of the New York’s Public Library, created a big upgrade to the guttered third floor of their Harlem’s landmark branch. Moreover the Hamilton Grange teen center appeared to be the first of its kind in Northern Manhattan, NY.

The Result of Thousands of Stickers Given to Thousands of Kids

The Obliteration Room This past December, the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art installed a surprisingly simple yet ridiculously amazing shell space, artist Yayoi Kusama constructed a large studio apartment like, and painted every single thing in brilliant white, from walls, chair and tables, to the piano, and other household decoration, effectively serving as a big un-rendered white canvas. The installation, named The Obliteration Room, is part of Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition that runs through March 12 2012. The mission was, over a period of two weeks, the museum’s youngest comers were given thousands of colored dot stickers and were invited on a spontaneous mission of transformation of the… Read more »

Dancing Furniture by Judson Beaumont

When searching for the right furniture we always aim at finding something different and unique, especially if it is for a room of our precious ones. Any kid would love to have a room full of animated characters around him – wardrobes, shelves and tables can’t be the outcast. Judson Beaumont from Vancouver, Canada has been the furniture craftsman for the past 25 years and has developed a very outstanding style; his creations look like they just ran away from a Disney movie – there are pieces inspired by Mickey Mouse and his friends, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in… Read more »

RE_VINYL: Cities of the World Carved on Vintage Wall Clocks

Estonian designer Pavel Sidorenko prolonged the life of old vinyl records turning them into stylish themed wall clocks – RE_VINYL. Each clock has its own idea telling a story of a worldwide famous city through their most known landmarks, landscapes, and attractions carved on the vinyl disc while keeping the grooves and record labels untouched. The author reached a few goals with his project – disposal reduction of the potentially useful material while saving on the consumption of new raw ones, and at the same time bringing memories and partly history of music back to life, through his vintage art. [Via:… Read more »

Ferrari’s Covered Attraction Park, Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates added to its list of superior form of adjectives (as the tallest skyscraper, the biggest shopping mall, the most expensive fountain etc.) a new attraction – the biggest covered amusement park in the world – Ferrari World – the first theme park for the famous Ferrari. It is situated in the Yas Island next to the capital of UAE Abu Dhabi, very close to the Formula-1 track. 50 meters tall minimalistic red roof of the park, which represents the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, covers 200,000 sq m with a perimeter of 2,200 m… Read more »

A $1.5 Billion Star Trek Theme Park for Aqaba, Jordan

The coastal city of Aqaba, Jordan will be the first in the world to host a complete Star Trek themed park and resort. Although, I don’t think the number of star trek fans in the Middle East do not even compare to the number of fanatics in the US or Europe, it is the rich King Abdullah of Jordan, who was once an extra in an episode of star trek: voyager, that decided to drop $1.5 Billion giving the green light for the development of the attraction theme. The Amman based Rubicon Group and the creative Paramount Reaction are partnering with architectural firm Callison to… Read more »

The CONCH: A 90M Super-Yacht Concept Unveiled

British boat designer Alex McDiarmid has recently unveiled his newest concept design of a Super Yacht. With Conchology (the study of shells) in mind, the outer body is inspired from the Turitella shell (tower screw) which is a long twirled seashell, he called it The Conch. The concept sports a multi-colored exterior paint job, the openings in the shell serves as the windows to the 4 levels of the yacht. The vessel is designed to sail at a top speed of 18 knots, and a cruising speed of 14 knots. The shells on the top of the boat serves as skylights, allowing light in… Read more »

Spain’s Teenager’s Playground – The Factoría Joven

Carlos Javier Rodríguez Jiménez was a physical education teacher at the Institute Pedro de Valdivia de Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz, Spain). He studied the humanization of urban spaces and believed that sports and non-competitive activities and hobbies such as hip-hop dancing or skating, could help in understanding and educating young people. It was Rodriguez along with four companions, who introduced in 2006 a pioneering project: The Factoría Joven – or a teenager’s playground. Architects José Selgas and Lucía Cano implemented the design idea, a lightweight polycarbonate building like a colorful porch open to the city. Their goal was that visitors first impression would be a… Read more »

Comic and Animation Museum – Hangzhou, China

We’ve been mentioning China a few times so far since our start and we still didn’t get enough! Featuring another magnificent structure scheduled for construction in 2012, the China Comic and Animation Museum in Hangzhou, China. Dutch studio MVRDV – the winner of museum’s international design competition – quoted: “(Rotterdam, 5th May 2011) Hangzhou urban planning bureau has announced MVRDV winner of the international design competition for the China Comic and Animation Museum (CCAM) in Hangzhou, China. MVRDV won with a design referring to the speech balloon: a series of eight speech balloon shaped volumes create an internally complex museum experience of in total… Read more »

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