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Whimsical Furniture by Lila Jang

Lila Jang is a young sculptor, originally from Seoul, South Korea, now living in Paris, France. Inspired by the small size of her apartment, she creates 18th century furniture with some playful adjustments. Jang’s tables, chairs and desks look fun and alive. Even though their functional side is weak, furniture look like it came out of a whimsical fantasy. “My work represents who and where we are as human beings: in the midpoint of that constant struggle between reality and the ideal.” – says Jang.

Children’s Drawings into Real-life Furniture

Jack Beveridge and Joshua Lake held an art class of 7-8 years old students at St. John’s Church of England Primary School in Kingston, Surrey and asked kids to draw a chair. The artists’ aim was to explore children’s untainted imagination on a very standard piece of furniture. Working with a local primary school, we took an art class and gave the children a simple piece of paper with the words, ‘please draw a chair’. with a little encouragement and some coloring in pencils, the children started scribbling away their dream chair! after an hour, we had the most beautiful selection of… Read more »

Scrap Marble Tables by John Reeves

 John Reeves, a British designer that has created a collection of stylish tables with legs made from scrap pieces of marble. By adopting an idea of re- using leftovers of marble and granite to beautifully create furniture pieces out of them. These tables’ legs are no more than a steel bar and a bunch of scraps of stones drilled at their centers and piled up and glued together like a shish-kebab. The leg is then shaped and polished to its final limber finish. The result is no less than stunning, with a mix of classic and contemporary. Description from John Reeves… Read more »

REBIRTH – A Contemporary Table from Portugal by Meik Studio

A interesting and fresh design of a multifunction table named REBIRTH. Designed by Meik Studio of Portugal, the table adapts to the space it’s placed within, and can easily function as a central and support table, or a bedside night stand. Its manufactured out of ebony wood and stands on organic-shaped aluminum supports. Here’s the designer’s description: Inspired by the desire of changing the human being, the changes that we submit, in happiness and sadness of these changes comes the new exclusive piece of meikstudio, a table inspired by the act of rebirth, the simplicity of the act of wanting to be different. Here’s what inspired us to create the REBIRTH table, a table that becomes what you want, a support table, a bedside table, a table with various functionalities, capable of adapting itself to reinterpret the space where it is . The grace with which… Read more »

Wood Casting Furniture by Hilla Shamia

Product designer Hilla Shamia created a new kind of furniture that blends an industrial vibe with a homey cottage feel, each piece is made of Aluminum casted molten around dry lilac wood logs bonding them into a single organic element with a heart warming appeal. Wood Casting is on show during the Milan design week 2012. The designer describes that: “The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value. Preservation of the natural form of the tree trunk within the explicit boundaries. The general,squared form intensifies the artificial feeling, and in the same time keeps the memory of the material”.

Rising Table Concept by Amsterdam Designer Robert van Embricqs

Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs has created the Rising Table. The design is based on a rather simple idea of starting with a flat surface that is capable of poetically transforming into a stylish piece of  furniture.

Stunning Entertainment Unit by EO-Designs [Time Lapse Assembly Video]

A contemporary design that encompasses a youthful spirit and modern technologies can show how shape, color, material and lighting create an amazing atmosphere. Our friends at EO Designs sent us this remarkable time lapse video of the assembly of an entertainment unit they created.

Dancing Furniture by Judson Beaumont

When searching for the right furniture we always aim at finding something different and unique, especially if it is for a room of our precious ones. Any kid would love to have a room full of animated characters around him – wardrobes, shelves and tables can’t be the outcast. Judson Beaumont from Vancouver, Canada has been the furniture craftsman for the past 25 years and has developed a very outstanding style; his creations look like they just ran away from a Disney movie – there are pieces inspired by Mickey Mouse and his friends, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in… Read more »

The Hub – A Modern Student Center of Coventry University

Student’s centers are the comfortable spots at universities that combine studying with social life during your years of college. With some outstanding examples of universities that manage to create very stylish and welcoming meeting points, avoiding boring cliché of library-look design. Coventry University in UK is one of them – it’s new student center also known as “The Hub” attracts visitors with its modernism and simplicity,  well-chosen yellow, black and grey colors, practical and cozy nooks, and at the same time happy atmosphere. The center covers a surface area of 91,000 square feet with accommodation capacity of 1000 students at the… Read more »

Dressed Up Furniture by KAMKAM

KAMKAM, a design group located in Seoul, Korea. Their Dressed Up Furniture looks like playful kids furniture with adults scale! The idea is to combine clothing and furniture, making the pieces soft and approachable, and also interactive using fasteners and buttons. Cham Cham is a storage cabinet in that opens and closes using a belt-like fastener with an inner magnet, keeping it more secure. It is named after the North Pole monster Cham, a character from a Korean novel. Dressed Up Stool These stools are upholstered with a special button detail that is also functional. You can unbutton the front of… Read more »

Pencil Bench by Boex

Stemming from a single conversation to see if an everyday office object into a piece of furniture could be incorporated, Boex designed this quirky bench. It ended up causing quite a stir across the design world, scooping two awards for Boex and being featured in a number of national design journals. The seat is made up of 1,600 pencils which are individually sprung. Each pencil can be removed and used. This goes along well with the back to school spirit. [Via DesignMilk] [Photos by Kirstin Prisk Photography]

Ushanki Shelf-lamp from Ukrainian Design Studio decorkuznetsov

Old-stye soviet winter hat “shapka-ushanka” gave an inspiration and name to a new project by creative design agency – decorkuznetsov from Ukraine. Earflaps of the hat gave a shape to the modern “Ushanki” shelf-lamps; they come in different definition of shelf-dad, shelf-mom and shelf-son all in bulb shape and playful blue color. Each piece has a fluorescent lamp hidden inside, which transforms a regular idea of the shelf into the very comfortable yet stylish and functional night-stand. “Ushanki” is not the only outstanding project of the decorkuznetsov – it has been established in 1994 and became a winner of many exhibitions… Read more »

Crater Lake – Social Meeting Point Installation for Kobe Bienalle 2011, Japan

Crater lake – is a new concept of outdoors socializing meeting points designed and built by 24° studio. The project is one of the winners of Shitsurai Art International Competition organized by the city of Kobe, Japan; the installation is a participant of Kobe Biennale 2011. Crater lake is exhibited from October 1 till November 23 at the man-made Port Island of Shiosai park providing a view at the Kobe urban center, its surrounding mountains and seascape. The installation is inviting visitors to enjoy the social interaction while observing the beauty of the environment through 360° viewing vista. The design… Read more »

sTREEt – A Green Urban Furniture Design –  by Kibisi

Street furniture mainly represents the secondary role to the city perception, while facilitating our existence in it and giving it some character. Mostly all of the urban furniture is disengaged – streetlights are not matching garbage bins and benches, bus stops are steeped in advertisement, traffic lights are totally out of city style and so on. The Copenhagen based firm KiBiSi found a solution to the urban landscape mess – the sTREEt. It was designed especially for the Gwangju Design Bienalle 2011 in South Korea. The main idea of sTREEt is described as weaving a functional line to the cityscape,… Read more »

Kinetic Double-Sided Bench from New York

Recently the family line of outdoor benches got supplemented by a new member –the Polymorphic bench, also known as the Kinetic double-sided bench. A group of ten architects from Columbia University GSAPP in New York created a wavy-shaped unique outdoor seat, that’s made out of plywood and interacts with its users. The unusual construction consists of 119 interconnected elements all attached to a pivot and bolt system. This inventive pattern of connection moves the bench with an occupant’s weight and transforms it in the most comfortable way according to the ergonomic profiles and giving the most comfort, not forgetting the safety (a… Read more »

Patch Work Pieces and their Stories

A story submitted by: Reham El Sherif, Architect. Cairo, Egypt. The patch work is a widely known style used in upholstery, quilts and wall hangings. Evidence of patch work – piecing small pieces of fabric together to create a larger piece, then quilting layers of textile together – has been found throughout history. Earliest examples have been located in Egyptian tombs. This style of work is very expressive and concerns a lot of creativity to be able to put together different kinds, styles, colors, and sizes of fabrics together and connect them with some accessories to make a beautiful design that can sum… Read more »

A Hidden Wine Cellar for any Room in your House

If you have ever thought of building a Wine Cellar at home, and didn’t have enough space or an extra room for it, then this solution could come in handy for you. An amazingly designed wine cellar that can be built in any ground-floor-room of your house, all it needs is digging a whole in the ground, and the rest is art. This type of wine cellar can be easily hidden and accessed through the floor, where it can have an access door that matches the room flooring to blend with its interior. The guys at Wine Cellars describes it as… Read more »

Meeting Bowls NYC: The New Social Trend of Time Square
The Loopita Bonita – A Social Chaise-Longue

The Summer has arrived with all the heat it can offer, you gotta believe me on this one, living in Cairo, you can never under-estimate the HEAT we get here, pushing us all to go up north to our lovely breezy beaches on the coast of Alexandria – my hometown. During the sunny season, people starts their summer outdoor-furniture shopping. For the past week or so my wife and I were also on the hunt for the same exact thing, trying to land a couple of outdoors comfortable chairs for our beach place, and while searching online, I bumped into this magnificent piece… Read more »

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