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Montrose House by SAOTA

A Stunning hill-side dream home designed by Cape Town-based studio SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects named the Montrose house, it was completed in 2010. This contemporary home is located in Cape Town, South Africa. Here are some images and description from the designers:  “High on the ridge of Bishopscourt in Cape Town, this unique site resulted from the demolition of an existing house. The site was divided by the existing driveway, which rose steeply from the end of the cul-de-sac below. The new building’s form, perched as it is in a commanding position, was perceived from the outset to be a pavilion… Read more »

Bourgogne Barn House Transformation by Joséphine Gintzburger

In the region of Bourgogne (Burgundy) in central France, designer Joséphine Gintzburger has undertaken a mission to transform a countryside barn into a present-day modern crib. Her concept was to deliver a Mediterranean interior with an industrial rustic feel to it. By blending elements like concrete, aged oak beams, chandeliers, modern art, having exposed ceilings and newly created mezzanine levels to house the private areas of the residence, the end result  turned out to be magnificent and heartwarming. Here are some images of the results from the designer

Lake Austin House by Lake|Flato Architects

Located in Austin, Texas, this house takes a different yet unique design approach. Designed by Lake|Flato Architects, it’s focused around a man-made canal extended from Austin’s Colorado River, the residence is compromised of a series of structures and outdoor spaces that create a secluded riverside complex. Limestone walls shield the house on its narrow site from neighbors, once passed, a 60 meter-long (200 feet) boardwalk runs the length of the site, adjacent to the canal, leading to the main living room structure.  Along this path is a number of smaller wooden cottage-like buildings that contain the bedrooms and study and are grouped to form smaller courtyard… Read more »

Casa Vale do Lobo by Arqui+ in The Algarve, Portugal

Casa Vale do Lobo, a contemporary villa within a golf course in The Algarve in southern Portugal, that offers an incredible trend of design and a unique experience of living. Designed by architect Vasco Vieira of Arqui + Arquitectura, the house is a transparent U-shape structure with a central court and an elevated pool that cantilevers over the landscape and over flows creating a stunning water fall fountain. The suspended pool opens up vision across the courtyard maximizing the usage of the space available. The house sports 5 main bedrooms, an indoor pool and spa. The main living spaces of the villa have been developed… Read more »

The Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan Studio

The Cloud House project, an addition and renovation to a double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Designed by Australian studio McBride Charles Ryan who conceived this project in three distinct parts (the old house, the cloud, and a transition in between), an architectural design to discover in sequel. “The Cloud House is an addition and renovation to a double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North. Over the course of close to a century, this house has received several additions and modifications. McBride Charles Ryan’s work for the house is designed in three parts. This allows for a sequence… Read more »

Wright House by Elmo Swart Architects in Durban, South Africa

A stunning modern attachment to a traditional hut-home in Durban, South Africa by Elmo Swart Architects. The contemporary addition on the old thatched-roof home is quite a contrast to the original design.  The smooth, angled curves of the exterior shape echo the original, and natural accents are added to make the transition from old to new more visually balanced.

Under the Moonlight House by Giovanni D’Ambrosio

Under the Moonlight contemporary house, designed by Giovanni D’Ambrosio, is located in Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia. Interestingly enough the shape of the home is quite modern, yet there are obvious historical influences that are incorporated into the design very successfully. The house’s materials tend to blend with the surrounding environment, protecting the local vegetation and trees from any distorting objects. The roof is made out of insulated metal and accomplishes functionality at any climate. Its brownish color matches well the chromatic shades of the surrounding nature. The house’s shape resembles archetypes used by country-men and cowboys that lived in the area. Stone, wood and metal are… Read more »

Hill House by Andrew Maynard Architects at Melbourne

The Hill House in Melbourne, Australia is an explicit example of the multiple sides of a design job. An unexpected make over idea changed the whole image of the regular town house. Owners of the dwell, a family of five including three young kids, requested the modern upgrade to their home with a condition of enjoying the healthy side of the sun; they asked for a sunny zone and a yard mostly acting as a shadowy shelter. Designers at Andrew Maynard Architects came up with a solution to build a new structure on the rear boundary, the southern edge of the block, upon the footprint of… Read more »

Mid Ages Yellow Brick House Wrapped in Glass at Vilnius, Lithuania

The Yellow Brick residence in Pavilniai Regional Park, near the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, has a confident combination of history and modernism, designed by the architectural firm G. Natkevicius & Partners for an upscale family. Located by in the valley of river Vilnia that gave the city its name, the park and the city have a rich history with the oldest written records dating back to 1323. In the Middle Ages the area, where the building is situated, was a cannon foundry. The new house owners bought the site where an old yellow brick lodge with a basement stood. By cleaning the plaster… Read more »

Casa Cubo (Club House) in Chihuahua, Mexico

This is a guest post by Patricia Perez of Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop. The concept of a courtyard as an element of spatial and emotional transition, is the premise of conceptual design, again taking four natural elements, water, fire, air and land. Architectural compositions start with these open spaces and harmonically merge the volumes of the project, organized, scaled and related to each other, in accordance with the architectural program.

Naomi Campbell’s Eye of Horus House – By Luis de Garrido

A luxurious and spacious summer mansion, shaped like the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus, is designed by Spanish architect Luis de Garrido. The home is fittingly located on the Isla Playa de Cleopatra in Turkey, was a birthday gift for famous model Naomi Campbell from her boyfriend. The home, that sports 25 bedrooms and 5 lounges, is said to supply its need of water and electricity making it completely sustainable and quite inexpensive for a home of its size and technology.  The eye’s black outline is made up of photovoltaic panels, which work in combination with a geothermal system to provide all the home’s energy needs.  Rainwater is… Read more »

Atrium House by Mesh Architecture

An unnoticed, yet intriguing residence, Atrium House by MESH Architectures, located in Brooklyn, NY. A house with an unobtrusive front exterior leading you into a two-story space that is both modern and industrial. The house has an indoor/outdoor feel constructed with large floor-to-ceiling window panes and folding glass doors, giving an open feeling towards the central courtyard or the atrium of the house. By building the house around an atrium, it allows for much of the space to open up to the outdoors and allows for light to fill the home. The design of the house offers the tenants extreme privacy without the… Read more »

The Safe-House, An Anti-Burglar Fortress

Open plan living has never been so secure, if you’re keen on protecting your property yet still want your glass wall-to-wall then you may find some inspiration in this design. The Safe House is a concrete rectangle that folds in upon itself to become completely sealed, even the windows are covered with a slab of concrete. The house, with its movable walls, has only one entrance, which is located on the second floor after crossing a drawbridge.No need for a panic room in this stylish structure. You will feel as secure as can be while relaxing in this piece of… Read more »

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