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Mark Khaisman’s Tape Art

Mark Khaisman is an artist who was born  in 1958 in Kyiv, Ukraine, studied Art and Architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute in Russia and now living in Philadelphia, USA. His medium consists of three elements: translucent packing tape, clear acrylic or film panels, and light. Banality of the tape in Khaisman’s hands transforms into incredible illusions formed by light and shadow. “The tape is the message. A parody on Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote could explain the superficial motives, which make up the work. Subjects are categorized into different groups: fragmented stills from classic cinema, iconic objects from art history, portraits. The works are exploring the familiar… Read more »

“From the Knees of My Nose to the Belly of My Toes” Installation by Alex Chinneck

 “From the Knees of My Nose to the Belly of My Toes” is an installation by British artist and designer Alex Chinneck as he removed the facade of the four-storey  abandoned house and replaced it with a new one that slides down to the ground leaving the inside of the top floor exposed. “I just feel this incredible desire to create spectacles,” Chinneck says – “I wanted to create something that used the simple pleasures of humour, illusion and theatre to create an artwork that can be understood and enjoyed by any onlooker.” The project is located in the seaside town of Margate in Kent,… Read more »

Outstanding Illusion by Béla Borsodi

How many images this picture consists of? Four photoshopped ones, right? Wrong! Hard to believe but this is a single shot of precisely aligned objects. The perfect optical illusion was constructed by the New-York based photographer – Béla Borsodi, who created this image as a cover for  the new album of band VLP, Terrain. If it touches you, if it excites you, if it makes you cry, if it makes you smile. A good photograph is something that you cannot resist looking at. – Borsodi says. Check out behind the scene video for more details SEE ALSO: 3D Illusion Sketches by Nagai Hideyuki [Source:… Read more »

Li Wei – The Gravity Defying Master

Li Wei, Beijing based contemporary artist, is always depicted as a master of gravity-defying  illusions. He wasn’t interested to stick only to photography but mixing it with performances to come up with unique art work. According to Wei’s statement he doesn’t use any Photoshop or other computer montage or tweaking. His creations come out only with the usage of mirrors, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics. Some of the breathtaking productions were published as cover pages of many magazines and  Li Wei himself was recognized as one of  the “The world’s most creative 31 photographers“ by American Getty in 2006.

Magic Realism Through The Paintings of Rob Gonsalves

When you glimpse at any of the paintings by Rob Gonsalves, the second of scrolling turns into a deep look instead. His work produces not only pleasant art, yet carries great meaning behind it, where each small detail matters. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Gonsalves was influenced by paintings of  Magritte and Escher and started his creations as a hobby aside from his architecture career. After an enthusiastic response in the 1990 at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition the artist totally devoted himself to his art. In his work Rob Gonsalves is trying to capture human’s desire to believe in the impossible… Read more »

The Kaleidoscopic Art of Deenesh Ghyczy

Deenesh Ghyczy, the artist from Diepholz, Germany, has an exceptional technique of expressing himself through his paintings. His art looks as if Ghyczy was drawing while looking over the patterned glass resulting into amazing fragmented portraits. It’s not only the kaleidoscopic feeling you get from these bizarre work, it also determines an emotional component. As Ghyczy says: “For a long time now, we ceased having a core identity, as such. We are many people, with different identities and different personalities”.

Photo Opportunities: Painting-Like Photography by Corinne Vionnet

Millions of people around the world, while travelling, take the same pictures from the same spot with the same angle. Is it because we are already influenced by the images we’ve seen before in travel guides, booklets, internet and friends’ albums? Is the known image a prove of a trip to us or are we just trying to reproduce an image of an image? Swiss photographer Corinne Vionnet gathered a great number of tourists’ shots using keywords searches and online albums for her series Photo Opportunities.

3D Illusion Sketches by Nagai Hideyuki

Today we came along these mind-blowing sketches by Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki, 21. The 3D illustrations looks so realistic, once viewed from the right angle, they seem to leap out of the sketchbook before your very eyes. The artist demonstrates the kind of sophisticated art involved to create these 3D images using just a pencil, along with the right amount of lighting, shading, and anamorphosis.

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