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Intelligent Illustrations of Renowned Architects Through Their Design Style

Italian artist Federico Babina accomplished a powerful project called “ARCHI-PORTRAIT” dedicated to coryphaei of architecture and their outstanding work. Each illustration has a portrait of an architect created out of his most significant buildings and other design components incorporated as face parts. Simplicity of lines and brightness of colors emphasizes the character of each architect and spotlights their unique styles.

Coffee Illustrations by Liv Buranday

Liv Buranday is an artist from Philippines who twists the meaning of coffee grounds. She uses it as the medium for her smart art works. All the illustrations are done with a help of a toothpick and sometimes garnished with other objects like leaves, berries, flowers and so on for an extra 3D effect. Feels like some kind of a way to meditate while inhaling the smell of one of the tastiest things in the world. Buranday publishes all her creations on the Instagram under the name livscreams. This style of art reminded me of the dirt art by Sarah Rosado previously published here.  … Read more »

Simple, Bright and Fun Illustrations by Heng Swee Lim

Heng Swee Lim from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia draws humorous doodles pairing ordinary objects with funny phrases. Lim’s art is full of jokes and optimism. Scroll through some of them, good mood and few laughs are guaranteed! “I would describe my work as simple and fun, but with a strong idea or message behind it. Life should be fun and humorous when possible and I hope that my illustrations generate a sense of joy and happiness.” – Lim says.

Learn Chinese the Easy Creative Way

Learning a new language can be hard. What if the new language is Chinese? Already sounds impossible. Not any more! Chinese-language teacher Shao Lan from London, England developed Chineasy – a method of modifying each Chinese character or phrase into visual illustrations. The graphical images are fun and easy to remember. Having fun while learning will definitely result into stronger knowledge.

Humorous Illustrations by Jaco Haasbroek

Jaco Haasbroek, illustrator and designer from Capetown, South Africa, creates fun and sometimes silly illustrations. His perspective on the meaning of different words and expressions spotlights new humorous ways of understanding them. Each artwork is entertaining in its own unique way.

Javier Pérez Turns Ordinary Objects into Playful Illustrations

Another inspiration found for Instagram lovers. Javier Pérez  (cintascotch on Instagram) is the illustrator and  art director from Ecuador. Artist  uses ordinary objects around him to create clever and fun photo illustrations. His series of work, called Instagram Experiments, is full of playful ideas which can make anyone smile. Some of artist’s prints are available for purchase via Society6.

Architectural Drawings of Butterflies and Nautiluses by Rafael Araujo

Rafael Araujo, artist from Venezuela, goes “old school” in his series of drawings called Calculation. All his work is technology-free, it’s done only with a pen, pencil, ruler and protractor. Rendering programs are capable of doing tasks like this in just few minutes, yet Araujo is really passionate about calculating math of his complicated drawings himself. Mesmerizing 3D illustrations of butterflies and nautiluses couldn’t be more beautiful. 

Artistic Eye Make-Up by Tal Peleg

Make-up seems pretty easy as it’s a part of daily routine for most women. For most of average women. For professionals like Tal Peleg (aka Scarlet Moon) it’s a limitless space for creativity. Peleg utilizes the eyelid, eyebrow and the eye itself as she creates her artistic illustrations inspired by fairy tales, novels etc. Not the most acceptable everyday make-up ideas, though could work for parties and photo sessions. For more images check out artist’s profile on Facebook and Instagram.

East Meets West: Germany vs. China Infographic

Born in China and currently living in Germany artist Yang Liu illustrated a series of stereotypes under the title “Ost trifft West,” or “East Meets West”. “The fact is that each single illustration is my very personal experience in the past 13-17 years, and this work was made as a documentation of my own life. I am feeling myself more as a person, who belongs to all the places I have been”,- says Liu. Liu’s minimalistic infographic reflects elements of cultural differences between China and Germany in a very humorous and entertaining way. Posters were also publishes as a book.

Amazing Pencil Illustrations by Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare, the illustrator based in California, USA, was interested in drawing since she was three. Her amazingly detailed large-scale on paper works are created only with a pencil, an eraser and a sock. At first the art pieces seem overloaded with animals but after a closer look the perfect interaction between all the participants of the murals becomes obvious. “The drawings are not pre-planned rather they evolve through my experiences with people and the absurdities of life. The result is a group of drawings where the animals coexist in a world beyond ours, and are inexplicably tied together, often not by choice…. Read more »

3D Illustrations Sculptured from Dirt by Sarah Rosado

Sarah Rosado is an illustrator and photographer from New York who enjoys creating compositions from an unexpected medium – dirt. Once bumping into food, flower and other objects art she was inspired to try something different herself. That’s how the project “Dirty Little Secrets” have started. Art pieces are shaped from dirt and accessorized with small things in order to create 3D effect. The artist’s goal is to complete 100 illustrations and she is already done with 43. Each of them attracts the viewer with its simplicity and natural beauty, while leaving the audience to decide what it means to them individually…. Read more »

Paris vs New York – Minimalist Comparison by Vahram Muratyan

After a long stay in New York in 2010, French graphic artist Vahram Muratyan launched a humorous blog Paris versus New York, a tally of two cities. It started as a friendly comparison on clichés and small details by a Paris-lover wandering around the Big Apple City and very fast dragged numerous followers to the blog and different reactions on the posters around the world. Success of Muratyan’s art simplicity eventually developed into a book – Paris versus New York, published by Penguin.

Funny Illustrations of Animals and Various Objects Talking Out Loud

New York graphic designer David Olenick creates hilarious yet smart series of illustrations about everyday life of animals and various objects. Truth from Olenick will make you look at your kitty or even cup of coffee differently from now. All these and many more decals are available for purchase as t-shirt, iPhone case, pillow and so on prints on Society6 and Threadless.

Outside the Lines – Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations

More than 100 illustrators, cartoonists and street artists collaborated together under one project called Outside the lines. The book is a compilation of incredibly creative coloring pages for all ages. But, I guess, the ones who are into contemporary art, will appreciate it more. Curator of the project Souris Hong-Porretta spent around 3 years on accomplishing the final copy.  The result is brilliant. Going through few examples below will really itch your hands to color them!

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquettes by Nathan Pyle

Living in New York and dealing with the City for 5 years artist Nathan Pyle is sharing his wisdom with newcomers through gif images smart advice . Appearing on reddit first, Pyle gained huge recognition and praising online to the extend that his book NYC Basic Tips and Etiquettes is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2014. This last serious of his tips are “pages that (probably) didn’t make it in the book.” You can only imagine how good is the book gonna be!

Realistic Mixed Media Paintings by Karla Mialynne

Ever wondered how to draw or how the artists rich the amazing result? For me the process of creating the art seems like magic specially after seeing revealed tools Karla Mialynne uses in her work. Her impressing paintings are mostly created with watercolor pencils, colored markers and acrylic paint. Simple instruments yet astonishing result, thumbs up, Karla!

The Sweetest Proposal Ever

Paul Phillips recently arranged the cutest proposal to his girlfriend Erica.At first he wrote the story and with the help of Nashville artist Yoni Limor turned it into a book. Then he hid it in the local library and brought his girlfriend as if to drop a book really quick. While Erica red the story, the guy got on his knee and pooled a proposal. Who could say no to such a romantic move? Special moment was captured by the hidden photographer Laura Ingram. There once was a gorilla That fell for a giraffe. She surprised him by how much She could make him… Read more »

Insanely Detailed Pen Drawings by Tim Jeffs

Tim Jeffs, illustrator from New Jersey, USA, has lifetime hobby of drawing mesmerizing pictures of animals in black and white . Using only pen and ink he manages to produce incredibly detailed and alive illustrations.  “Doing artwork is my passion. I love detail. And the more complex, intricate the subject matter the better.” – says Jeffs. Each new piece takes Jeffs about 12 to 16 hours of work. Recently the artist put his work on Etsy, while his portfolio keeps on growing.

Iconostory by René Mambembé

René Mambembé, a third year graphic student who’s also majoring his Master degree in Information Design in France, decided to capture milestones from the world history into graphic icons. The key point of his Iconostory is to let people know some important events of our history through his minimalist illustrations.

Thomas Lamadieu: The Sky Is His Canvas, The Buildings Are His Frame

Looking at the outlines of the buildings in these paintings, one can relate to its European architecture style, specifically French. That’s exactly where France-based artist Thomas Lamadieu of Avignon dreamed up whimsical figures squeezed in the pockets of the sky. Lamadieu makes his Sky Art images from his photographs of cities, where he captures geometric expanses of blue sky framed by buildings. Then he fills in empty spaces with imaginative illustration of funny creations that interact with the space. [Via The Huff]

Shapes of Cities

Here’s an interesting series of graphical art prints by London-based artist and graphic designer Yoni Alter. Each print features the shapes of a city’s iconic and defining landmarks accurate to scale.

Floor Plans of Popular TV Sitcoms and Films

Most of us have followed at least one or two of these popular TV hits and are familiar with their apartments setup plateaus. If you’ve ever wondered what the layout of your favorite fictional character’s apartment looked like, interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde may have hand drawn exactly what you’re looking for. The Spain-based artist has colorfully illustrated a number of aerial diagrams mapping out the layout of popular TV and film homes. The artist’s scaled blueprints account for everything from architectural design to interior furnishings. The illustrations consist of anything he’s witnessed from each respective show or film, from the famed… Read more »

25 Surprising Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

This series called Learn Something Every Day is a self initiated project by UK based design studioYoung. It contains surprising facts drawn in cute copic doodles. Find out something you might not know about below

Post-Apocalyptic Cover Illustration Time-lapse – An Outrageous Photoshop Talent

A real artist creates with whatever medium they choose. I don’t think I have ever seen an artist give this much attention to detail as in this Photoshop time-lapse. Unbelievable! Post-Apocalyptic Cover Illustration Time-lapse by San Francisco-based artist Deisign  

Mega Snow Art by Simon Beck

Originally an orienteering mapmaker, 54 years old Simon Beck  from Southern England, educated at Millfield School and Oxford University, got fond of expressing himself through gigantic snow “crop circles” look art. It all started once he bought an apartment in  Les Arcs, French ski resort in 2004. Each creation takes around 10 hours of walking in snowshoes and covers a significant piece of frozen lake sometimes even size of 6 football fields. The artist usually draw the design on a piece of paper before starting and as soon as he ready the only thing he is using outside is the  handheld orienteering compass and pace… Read more »

Unbelievably Realistic Pencil Drawings of Sparkling Eyes

Posted on My Modern Met a few days ago, this jaw-dropping talent of pencil sketching of the Eye, overtook my attention with the determination it took to reach such a level of detail and accuracy. The above illustrations are by artists Jasper Branse & Brian Schmalzriedt  respectively, who are able to produce such captivating, hyper-realistic renders of these supposed windows to the soul with a few simple tools—pencils, erasers, tissues, charcoal, and a lot of skill.

20 Artworks with Smart Use of Negative Space by Tang Yau Hoong

Malaysian visual artist & graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong is a master of negative space art, he successfully attempts to tell a story through his illustrations. The technique in negative space artwork focuses on using the empty spaces around the subject of an image, a concept that’s used in all forms of artwork including photography and logo design. An artist can form two separate messages out of a single artwork. The first meaning is in the subject of the image while the other evolves out of the negative space. Here are 20 of Hoong’s best work + 2 Bonus images:

Weird Beauty by Alexander Khokhlov

A few weeks ago we featured the teaser image of project Weird Beauty by photographer Alexander Khokhlov. Recently more imagery from the project started surfacing on the photographer’s  500px profile. Model Alexandra Romanova stands once again to face-paint-artist Valeriya Kutsan for some abstract and geometric bi-color illustrations.

Realistically Stunning Ballpoint Pen Portrait by Samuel Silva

Take a brief moment to look thoroughly at this image, no, it’s not a photograph. Once you come to realize that this is a painting, you might also like to know that it was drawn using a bic ballpoint pen only, and involved high sketching and detailing skills. This amazing portrait was drawn by 29-year-old Portugal-based attorney Samuel Silva -he practices art as just a “hobby”- based on a photograph by Russian photographer Kristina Tararina. Silva’s medium of choice is standard Bic ballpoint pens on paper and this particular portrait uses eight different colors, taking just around 30 hours to complete. You can see more… Read more »

Hilariously Creative WTF? Posters by Minga

Argentina-based Minga Creative – Studio came out with a funny and creative posters idea. They called the project “WTF?” and after gaining success had to even make an addition of WTF 2. The abbreviation is usually used to express ridicule and to point out what doesn’t make sense. Minga’s posters totally reflects this meaning. 

Expressive & Colorful Illustrations for the 2012 London Olympics

Yahoo! has teamed up with Greece-based graphic and visual designer Charis Tsevis to produce a new theme for Yahoo’s website Olympics coverage. The work created is just drool-worthy, full of colors and positive energy. Tsevis made three images for three different sports (diving, gymnastics and running) with an extra image for running to represent celebration and victory.

Global City by Deck Two

Deck Two recently accomplished an amazing art project in one of the rehabilitated warehouses in New York. The project, named “Global City”, was made for a shipping company looking for some creative artwork to cover up and decorate a huge blank wall area at their office space’s kitchen. The Drawings are all done using a black pencil marker in an anamorphic technique, which requires the viewer to stand at a specific point to get the overall perspectives. Global City blows your mind away with its simplicity of implementation that produced an extremely detailed and creative product. The cartoon-like canvas illustrates a… Read more »

Superhero Frozen Popsicles

Dutch-based designer Chung Kong has merged his two favorite things in the world together: Ice Pops and Superheros, within an illustrative set entitled Superhero Ice Pops Universe. In his poster series, some of our favorite superheroes, such as Iron Man, Batman, Hellboy, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman, are imagined as frozen lollies. I can only think of one thing now, how would each one of them uniquely taste?! You can buy these superhero lolly prints here.

Silhouette by Alexander Khokhlov

Artist and photographer Alexander Khokhlov took this brilliant photo entitled “Silhouette”, as a part of project “Weird Beauty”. Model Alexandra Romanova pauses to face-paint artist Valeriya Kutsan, where the face portrait is painted half black and half white, and the black half resembles a side view outline of the face it lies within, creating an illusion of choice depending on what color you’re looking at. You can see more of Khokhlov’s work on his 500px profile.

Lord of the Rings Silhouetted Illustrations by Marcus Mok

A couple of months ago we featured the work of Malaysia-based graphic designer, Marcus Mok‘s Super Heroes Silhouettes, if you’ve liked it, you just might enjoy his simple yet creative vintage Lord of the Rings posters. The series of works, which are available in Mok’s Etsy shop Poster Inspired, features the trilogy of the famous novel simply presented with a bi-color graphic pen on stained background, and will cost you $40 for the whole set.

Awesome 3D Street Art of The Dark Knight Rises in Madrid

The new Batman movie,  Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises – The Legend Ends“ opens Friday, 20 July 2012 in the US and UK, and in efforts to promote the film, this awesome 3D street art has been unveiled in Madrid, Spain. If you’ve enjoyed previous 3D street art posts here, than this one is definitely a treat for you. Now lets sit back and watch Warner Brother impress us with what’s expected to be an epic Dark Knight movie and the cap of Nolan’s trilogy. 

Genius Photorealistic Pencil Drawings of Cats

Artist Paul Lung, a 41 year old graphic designer from Hong Kong, is very well known for his striking talent in pencil drawings, has lately created a breathtaking set of cat portraits, you don’t need to be a cat lover to appreciate these sketches. The level of details reached to render the feline furry creature is outstanding, with the perfect amount of shades and sharpness. The clarity achieved in the cats eyes are lively and realistic. Taking on average anywhere between 40 to 60 hours to complete just one piece, Lung is all about the details. Surprisingly, he solely relies on his trusty mechanical pencil… Read more »

3D Illusion Sketches by Nagai Hideyuki

Today we came along these mind-blowing sketches by Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki, 21. The 3D illustrations looks so realistic, once viewed from the right angle, they seem to leap out of the sketchbook before your very eyes. The artist demonstrates the kind of sophisticated art involved to create these 3D images using just a pencil, along with the right amount of lighting, shading, and anamorphosis.

Football Superstars Cartoon Illustrations by Stanely Chow

The European continent has just wrapped up its Football Cup of Nations that was jointly hosted by Ukraine and Poland, and ended in crowning Spain as the champion, arguably setting a new world record of winning 3 major tournaments in a row. Yet, all of us have enjoyed seeing our favorite footballers showing off their skills and tricks, and compete in one of the strongest championships of our present day. For this occasion I’d like to share with you some vintage cartoon illustrations of the world’s best players by Stanely Chow. The Manchester-based artist thinks that Pirlo was the player of the tournament,… Read more »

Superheroes Silhouette Illustrations

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based artist Marcus created a set of illustrations with the silhouettes of famous Superheroes on a vintage-styled background. The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Batman and Captain America to start with. The posters are available at the artist’s Etsy shop known as Poster Inspired. If you’re a comics fan, these will be heart-melting for you!

Mind-Blowing Fairy Tale-Inspired Illustrations by Adam Oehlers

An extremely creative piece of art we caught today by artist Adam Oehlers, inspired by fairy tales and dreams, and transcribed on paper with an extraordinary talent.  Born in Coventry, raised and studied in Adelaide, and now based in the United Kingdom, Adam Oehlers transports his viewers into the dark and playful fantasy worlds of his illustrations. The character-based scenes draw from fairy tales as well as Oehlers’s interactions with the world. His inspiration has varied across his career and he finds that his surroundings and the community in which he lives indirectly affect his work. 

Dream Big: Amazing Art Made From 4,242 Rubik’s Cubes

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