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Real Art of Baking

Any baking lovers here? Me personally find baking as a way of meditation with a lovely and tasty outcome in the end. As an amateur time spending it requires some kind of inspiration. This video is definitely one of it. It was done by Proximity BBDO and two directors from Le Potager as a commercial for French coffee brand Carte Noir. Real art of baking not less. Each move is hypnotic and the result is a masterpiece. Check out Carte Noir’s website for more recipe details on this little delicious pastry and for few more tasty videos.

Special Spoons by Ineke Hans

“Special Spoons” by Ineke Hans, specially designed for Royal VKB, is a great addition to regular kitchen cutlery. The set consists of five perfect items which can be used for average refrigerated jar goodies like chili sauce, olives, paté, jam and includes a fork for pickles. Tapas hangouts will appreciate this useful accessory as well. They come in four colors – red, yellow, purple and black. Break them out of their frame, rest them on the container side over the little step at the back of the handle. Simple design yet very functional “Special Spoons” set brings your jars over the… Read more »

Biodegradable Tableware Inspired by Fruits and Vegetables

Graft, a project by Chinese designer Qiyun Deng, is a set of utensils and bowls referencing to the skin and textures of real fruits and vegetables. The tableware is made of bioplastic PLA derived from the renewable resources. Deng used plants natural beauty and simplicity as details of his work: celery stem acts as handle for the fork; a petal of artichoke becomes the bowl of spoon, etc. By waking both visual and haptic sensation the author is pointing out a question – will you be able to throw them away easily? SEE ALSO: Food Huggers – Preserving the Leftover Halves  [Source: designboom; Colossal]

Food Huggers – Preserving the Leftover Halves

Simplicity is the key to success. That’s the first thought I got seeing the new project called Food Huggers by Adrienne McNicholas and Michelle Ivankovic. What do you usually do with leftover halves from your veggies and fruits? Cover with film, put in a plastic container, just keep as is on side door of the fridge till it eventually dries and so on. McNicholas and Ivankovic found a brilliant solution to keep the halves fresh, they invented a silicone caps of different diameters (1,5 to 4 inches) which can preserve leftovers and match anything from a lime to a grapefruit. It even… Read more »

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