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Amazing iPhone Photography by Sam Alive

Sam Alive , freelance photographer from New York City, came out with a great project called “Through the Phone”. Al the images were taken with a digital lens while the iPhone was used to capture landscapes in focus. Many of pictures are recognizable such as Golden Gate Bridge, New York city skyline, Brooklyn Bridge. Their beauty is even more powerful due to the blurry frame accent. The whole project carries the theme of awesome shots spread around our daily walks, roads to work, sometimes unnoticed yet so breathtaking if appreciated.

Magic of the Golden Hour Around the World

Golden Hour means the first and the last hour of sunlight during the day, when the photographer is able to achieve that magnificent magic effect of a shot due to the quality of light. National Geographic asked Your Blog community to show their best images of dusk and down around the globe. Here we would like to share some of the most impressive photos from the travel category of the “Golden Hour” album, which were submitted by professional and hobbyist photographers. 1. Monument Valley, Utah. Photograph by Mark Donougher Sunset provides magical light for less than five minutes on the Diné deities.   2. Vietnam Veterans… Read more »

Behind a Little House – Series of Dramatic Landscape Changes

Manuel Cosentino is a graduate of the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome. He used to work as a visual effects artist in the film industry and was involved in few movies including Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and Narnia Prince Caspian. At some point Cosentino decided to move back to his home country – Italy and focus more on his love to art and photography. His inspiration came from a little house on a hill. The artist spent two years on coming back to it during different weather conditions in order to capture the power of nature and called this series of photos Behind… Read more »

Gibbs Farm of Sculptures

The park of sculptures is situated on the northern island of New Zealand and has a land area of 4 square km. It belongs to one of the richest businessman of New Zealand, Alan Gibbs, where the private park of art gets its name as Gibbs Farm. This open sky museum welcomes visitors, artists, educational institutions, charities and the public, by prior appointment only. The park posses modern art of world-known sculptors such as Graham Bennett, Chris Booth, Daniel Buren, Bill Culbert, Neil Dawson, Marijke de Goey, Andy Goldsworthy, Ralph Hotere, Anish Kapoor, Sol LeWitt, Len Lye, Russell Moses, Peter Nicholls, Eric Orr, Tony Oursler, George Rickey, Peter… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Central Park Panorama

What you’re looking at is aerial photos stitched together to form one huge 3D panorama of Central Park in New York. captured by Russian photographer Sergey Semenov, he got the EPSON International Pano Awards 2012 (Panoramic Photography Competition) as Major Amateur Winner and as Amateur Award – Built Environment (including architecture and landscape). His art keeps your eyes interested in details of the picture and your mind busy with “how did he make this shot?” question. [Via The Pano Awards]

Morning in Valley

A breathtaking photograph, entitled “Morning in Valley“, snapped on 15 July 2012, by photographer Hai Thinh in Bac Ha Valley in Lang Son Province, northern Vietnam. Bac Ha, a quiet corner of the country with a population of 148,000 inhabitants, is a tourist-attracting location for it’s rich green nature and extraordinary scenery of  karstic limestone mountains and valleys. The photograph spreads a heartwarming feeling of optimism, with a spectacular balance between color saturation and contrast. It was taken using a Nikon DS3 with 24-120mm lens and has already made it to the top of the popular images list on 500px.com. This definitely was a Good Morning.

Fairy-Tale-Like Landscape Architecture by Charles Jencks

American architectural theorist, landscape architect and designer Charles Jencks is the brilliant mind behind this fabulous flight of stairs, located in the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland. The stairs have 25 landings that mark the important shifts in cosmic history. Starting at the top, in the present day, and descending down, visitors are moving through 13 billion years of cosmic evolution. The steps finally disappear into the dark water below, which represents the mystery of the origin of the universe. Born on 21 June 1939 in Baltimore, he has surely made him self a respected reputation in the field of landscape architecture, he now divides his time… Read more »

Tall Pictures by Peter Lee

Peter Lee Pui Weng, a  24 years old, student of University Malaya in Malaysia. His photography work has been grabbing my attention lately, with landscape and humanities as his primary subjects, he shines a spot light on how wonderful portrait oriented images that sports all elements that can be wished for, in one heart-melting scene. He uses a Nikon D60 with Nikkor 12-24mm and Nikkor 70-200mm. Here are my favorite tall photos of Lee. Pictures are mostly taken in Malaysia. 

Landscape and Urban Photography of the UK by Martin Turner

Stunning photography speaks for itself! Photographer Martin Turner of Bristol, UK, has been shooting for over six years, mostly in UK with a mix of different environments of landscape, architecture and urban fabrics. His work has been featured in numerous publications and recently featured in the Landscape Photographer of the Year book. Scroll your way through this heart-warming collection of Martin’s work.

One spring day in Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria by Albena Markova

A breathtaking photograph entitled Anticipation of Spring by award-winning Bulgarian photographer Albena Markova from Sophia. Taken at Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria looking down at the valley, the photo is defined by superb lighting, contrast and color tones. Makes you really crave the warmth of spring. Albena’s photographs have been published extensively worldwide in a large variety of media ranging from calendars, books, magazines and many more.

Copenhagen’s Red Square is Literally “RED”

The Danish Capital, Copenhagen, is getting a new urban place called Red Square, not much like Moscow’s red square, this one is literally painted in red. The square is part of the urban park ‘Superkilen’, a long stretch which also contains a green and a black zone. Each zone facilitates different activities.   Superkilen is located in Nørrebro (north-west), a multicultural part of Copenhagen with 60 different nationalities represented. To reflect the community, the park will be furnished with great diversity; benches are from Kuwait, bins and bike racks from Norway, ping-pong tables from Spain, playgrounds from Japan, lamp-posts and signage… Read more »

Google Maps Typography

Rhett Dashwood, an award winning Creative Director residing in Melbourne Australia, has spent some of his spare time searching Google Maps hoping to discover land formations or buildings resembling letter forms. These are the results of his findings limited within the state of Victoria, Australia. These are the locations: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z Check out some of the location links, while on Google maps, zoom out till you can discover where you are, and you’ll realise how hard of a job Rhett has taken upon himself to put together his Latin alphabet collection. Do you think it was worth the effort? at least someone… Read more »

The Elevated Bar and Terrace at the 9 April Garden in Lisbon, Portugal

The Bar/Terrace at the 9 April garden, is the optimum example of benefiting from a vantage point with the perfect panoramic horizon over the Tagus River and the surrounding historical buildings of Lisbon, Portugal. It lies at the edge of the elevated park on the roof of an existing building which anchors the level change between the garden and the lower plane of the adjacent street below. The garden of 9 April -also known as Alberta or rock garden of Count Obidos, a promontory appears as a green space surrounded by tradition, open to the river and ships. Designed by aspa, the bar/terrace… Read more »

First Images of the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero [PHOTOS]

NEW YORK – September 11th 2011: Just a few hours before the opening ceremony of the – now named –  National September 11th Memorial, the first images were revealed to New York’s newest and most popular landmark.  Ground Zero – once a black hole of despair – has seen changes that took 10 years to happen, turning a place that was once tied to the thoughts of millions with death, into a place of calmness, sorrow, and remembrance. The National September 11th Memorial is part of the new World Trade Center development, Consisting of four new skyscrapers surrounding the memorial where the old twin towers once stood…. Read more »

New York’s 9/11 Memorial to Open this Year on 10th Anniversary [PHOTOS]

The work at Ground Zero (the World Trade Center Towers Site) is being wrapped up on the memorial park and museum that will be the landmark New Yorkers visit to pay their respect for those who lost their lives. The 9/11 Memorial will open this year in September on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. Designed by the global competition winners architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker, the memorial consists of a peaceful tree-filled plaza and two reflecting pools on the exact footprints of the towers that once stood, the reflecting pools will be fenced by a bronze parapet with the names of the 2983 victims, that died on… Read more »

The Gardens of Eden Project

The Eden Project is an exciting attraction where you can explore your relationship with nature, learn new things and get inspiration about the world around you. It was constructed in a 160-year-old exhausted clay quarry at Bodelva, near St. Austell, in Cornwall and established as one of the Landmark Millennium Projects to mark the year 2000 in the UK. The project was conceived by Tim Smit, designed by architect Nicholas Grimshaw and opened on 17 March 2001. The complex is dominated by two huge emulating natural biome enclosures which consist of adjoining domes that house plant species from around the… Read more »

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