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London in 1927 & 2013

In 1927 Claude Friese-Greene, one of the British pioneers of film, traveled around England with his new color film camera and in the end of his trip captured some stunning shots of London‘s everyday life. Starting February 2013  filmmaker Simon Smith took a challenge of recreating same exact images taken 86 years ago. Fun personal study resulted into interesting conclusion – with all modern additions and time passing London hasn’t changed that much after all. Enjoy the fascinating video comparison.

Self-Driving Pods to be Installed Near London

Not only the cars are about to start flying, the public transit is about to become fully automated sooner than we can expect. Milton Keynes, a small city north of London is about to install 100 pods that will connect downtown, train station, and different offices. Project’s estimated cost is  £65million/$104 million.  It will get started in 2015 and is expected to be totally completed by 2017. ULTra Personal Electric Transportation Pods move along at 12 mph, capable to carry up to 4 passengers along with personal luggage.  Anyone can call the pod to theirs location via a smartphone app just for £2 ($3,19) fee. Same… Read more »

Timelapse of London to Brighton Train Journey: 1953, 1983, 2013

60 years ago in 1953 the BBC  took a non-stop video of a train journey from London to Brighton. Then after 30 years in 1983 they did the same trip. And as another 30 years passed BBC sent their correspondent Paul Clifton to repeat the exercise and observe the changes after more than half a century. Looks like time didn’t effect much on the London-Brighton train route, well, maybe except of the passengers outfits style.

Picture of the Day: Giant Rooster amid the Trafalgar Square in London

Few days ago, on July 25, 2013, a giant blue rooster appeared amid London’s Trafalgar Square. The  4.7 meters (15 feet) installation is called “Hahn/Cock” and made by German artist Katharina Fritsch. This is the most recent sculpture to occupy the Forth Plinth, which every now and then is carrying the artwork of the art contest winner, organized by London’s mayor Boris Johnson. The enormous bird supposed to symbolize the male-dominated Britain and will remain on the plinth for 18 months. 

London Through Kornel Flint’s Eyes

Kornel Flint – UK-based, polish-born photographer, after moving to London early 2012, he fell in love with the city and ever since, every now and then, he loves to grab his camera, tripod and go out to shoot his new home city. He uses a Sony A700 + 16-105mm f3.5-5.6 lens and some Cokin ND filters, adding an amazing HDR-like effect to his images. The results are truly magical.

Rare Color Footage Shows What London Looked Like 90 Years Ago

Claude Friese-Greene, one of the earliest British pioneers of film, filmed a series of short clips around London documenting major attractions of the city nearly 90 years ago, specifically in 1927, using a primitive color process developed by his father William Friese-Greene. Looking at this footage almost a century later, it gives an ultimate feeling of precious value, knowing that it was one of the very first colored motion pictures ever made. The father, William Friese-Greene was a British portrait photographer and a well known inventor. His experiments in the field of motion pictures led him to be known as one of the fathers… Read more »

London eMotion

London, the one city that has it all, the aim of millions of visitors annually, and the hub of major cultural, social, sports, commercial, etc.(you name it) events. Located on the Thames river, London is the largest urban zone and metropolitan area in the United Kingdom, and the European Union by most measures. UK-based, Italian-born photographer Mattia Bicchi shared with us his latest creations, this gorgeous timelapse short film, showing off the beloved city in all its aspects. Bicchi tried to capture the variety of the weather and the emotions that make London such a beautiful city. Roaming the city using public transport, he shot 10,230 pictures, taking him a total of 2 months… Read more »

The View from ‘The Shard’ – London & Europe’s Highest Building

Renzo Piano‘s glass structure, The Shard -London and Europe’s highest tower- opens to the public on 1 February. The public viewing deck is accessible by high speed elevators and costs £24.95 per person to get some stunning views of the British capital, stretching to 40 miles-radius on a clear day. Reporter’s have already beat us to location and snapped some preview images of the 40-mile view, here’s a peek:   London’s Shard – video review (courtesy of The Guardian UK): [Photography: David Levene/the Guardian, Stefan Wermuth/Reuters, Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images]

13 Amazing Tilt-Shift Photographs at The London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics have just wrapped up their shows in one of the most memorable games in the history of the competition. Over a period of two weeks thousands of atheletes have been seen seen leaping, racing, and battling in stadiums and tracks. Photographers had the chance of bringing out the best of their talents in such a rich field for photography, one of my favorite methods used snaps images using a miniature effect known as Tilt-Shift. It is a type of photography that uses a special lens to create a shallow depth of field, and make the subjects of a photo… Read more »

Usain Bolt Projected on the Houses of Parliament in London

For tonight’s Picture of the Day, here’s an image of the 100 meters world record holder, Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt projected on the Houses of Parliament in London last night. Bolt, 26, widely known as the fastest man ever, is the first man to hold both the 100 meters and 200 meters world records. He just snatched another gold medal in the Men’s 100 meters Final, with a new world record of 9.63 seconds, breaking his own previous record. More on our 2012 London Olympics urban coverage here.

Expressive & Colorful Illustrations for the 2012 London Olympics

Yahoo! has teamed up with Greece-based graphic and visual designer Charis Tsevis to produce a new theme for Yahoo’s website Olympics coverage. The work created is just drool-worthy, full of colors and positive energy. Tsevis made three images for three different sports (diving, gymnastics and running) with an extra image for running to represent celebration and victory.

Architecture of the 2012 London Olympics Photographed by Edmund Sumner

British photographer Edmund Sumner has put together a photo gallery documenting the architecture of the London Olympic village ahead of the start of the 2012 games. The set photographs buildings including the Aquatics Center by Zaha Hadid, Handball Arena by Make, Velodrome by Hopkins Architects, the Olympic stadium and Olympic village.

New Banksy Artwork Appears Just in Time for the London Olympics

A couple of new street artworks by Banksy popped up on the streets of London on Monday, just 3 days before the debut of the 2012 Olympics games hosted by the city. The England-based graffiti artist, known for his political activism, has decided not to admit to the warnings sent out by the city authorities after the later vowed on cleaning up the walls of the city before the games start. Banksy, who once stated “We can’t do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles”, clearly describes his opinion regarding the sports event through these artistically expressive new pieces.  You can know more about… Read more »

Landscape and Urban Photography of the UK by Martin Turner

Stunning photography speaks for itself! Photographer Martin Turner of Bristol, UK, has been shooting for over six years, mostly in UK with a mix of different environments of landscape, architecture and urban fabrics. His work has been featured in numerous publications and recently featured in the Landscape Photographer of the Year book. Scroll your way through this heart-warming collection of Martin’s work.

The Leaning Tower of Big Ben!

It looks like London will soon catch up with Italian town Pisa for housing a leaning tower, the Big Ben is tilting! The London Underground and the Parliamentary Estates Department has revealed that the tower is leaning to the northwestern direction, a tilt that is far from dangerous, yet visible to the naked eye. At a leaning angle of 0.26 degrees, it is still a fraction of the tilt of the tower of Pisa, precisely 1/16 of it. The big Ben has been budging down in one direction since 1999 at an unnoticeable rate of 0.65mm per year, in 2003 the rate… Read more »

Zaha Hadid’s Aquatic Center Ready for London 2012 Olympics

Construction work has been completed on the new Aquatics Center in the Olympic Park, London, UK which will be used for the 2012 London Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games. Designed by Pritzker Prize winner Zaha Hadid and developed by Balfour Beatty, Aquatic Center will be the venue for Swimming, Paralympic Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming and the Aquatics discipline of the Modern Pentathlon. Built to accommodate 17,500 spectators during the games, (which will be reduced to 2,500 after the Games). It is located in the southern side of the Olympic Park in Stratford in east London, and will also serve as the main entrance to… Read more »

London Cabs fare paid via Cell Phone

Vodafone UK teamed up with the London Taxi company and equipped 500 of their infamous black cabs with mobile phone charger docks; a nice promotional service I’d have to say. Sometimes you actually might need to give your Blackberry or iPhone a little juice to get through the day, but can’t find the plug. Now, they’re rolling out another handy scheme, you can now pay your taxi fare through your phone with an SMS sent with the vehicle’s license plate number to a certain digit code along with the amount due, which transfers the fare to the driver’s pocket and charges it to your… Read more »

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