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Stunning Macro Portraits of Bees

Did you know that bees are not always black and yellow? There are actually so many shapes, sizes and colors around  us, which we don’t pay attantion to, as most of them don’t sting. Sam Droege, the head of the USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program in Maryland, USA, and other researchers spent almost 10 years capturing high quality macro photographs of North America’s 4,000 different bee species. “When we started looking at these pictures, I just wanted to gaze at these shots for long periods of time. I had seen these insects for many years, but the level of detail was incredible. The… Read more »

Simply Amazing Close-Ups of Van Gogh’s Paintings

Google Art Project  – a new service by Google – allows anyone to enjoy masterpieces of more than 40 000 images from more than 40 countries online gathered in one spot. The outstanding collection is a contribution from different museums around the world. Some of images are available in gigapixel format, allowing the viewers to enjoy extremely detailed close-ups on favorite art. The project includes more than 150 artworks by Dutch post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh. Below there are some of his painting with extreme zoom on brush stroke details. No words needed, impressive vision of the great master. The Starry Night –… Read more »

20 Perfectly Timed Photographs

Life is full of unpredictable moments – one second, one blink and you missed it. Sometimes the lucky coincidence of perfect time, perfect place and angle brings up an amazing result impossible to duplicate. One of a kind images, breathtaking and jaw dropping, indescribable – descriptions can go on and on, but better scroll down and enjoy them yourself!

Water Droplets by Kara-a

18 year old German photographer Kara (Kara-a) has a passion for macro photography and especially capturing drops of water reflecting various images beyond. Simple beauty of little droplets combined with Kara’s creativity brought up some really entertaining photographs.

Picture of the Day: Admiring Her Beauty

Here’s an adorable photo, by Netherlands-based nature photographer Wil Mijer, showing how many exuberant colors there are in nature, through this simple composition of a green-eyed tree frog dangling from a leaf and admiring a blue butterfly. “I found my passion, macro photography, mostly in nature. I love photographing insects and flowers, but butterflies are my absolute favorite.” – Wil Mijer. More Pictures of the Day [Image copyright: Wil Mijer]

Picture of the Day: A Bug on A Red Background

A Damselfly Resting on a Slender Stem of a Grass photographed by Singapore-based photographer Joel Forte of Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines)

Morning Dew on Insects by David Chambon

Photographer David Chambon shows off his master skills of macro photography through this phenomenal series of images featuring various insects on leaves covered in morning dew droplets. For more of his work, check out his 500px and Flickr profiles.

Cat Vs. Mantis by Brooke Pennington

A spectacular capture of a wildlife confrontation between a cat and a mantis taken by Michigan photographer Brooke Pennington. Regardless of the challenge, the mantis is putting up a decent defense for what would be presumed as a settled dispute. Incredible moment!

Gecko Portrait Shot by Robert Seber

Robert Seber, an amateur photographer from England that takes stunning macro images of insects, has snapped this remarkable close-up of a Gecko’s face profile. The changing colors of the gecko to its surrounding environment is what interested Seber to take the photograph, although focusing on such a small creature that can move rapidly was hard, with the help of a friend to hold it still, the shot turned out representing strong character and the detail in its eyes is just extremely daring!

A Bug on  A Bike by Tustel Ico

Photographer Tustel Ico of Borneo, Indonesia, captured a brilliant macro shot of a Praying Mantis sitting on two budding leaves which made it look like a bicycle ride. Just amazing!

Early Morning Dew Macro Photography by Sharon Johnstone

Birmingham, England-based fine arts nature photographer Sharon Johnstone produced these amazing images of early morning dew-soaked dandelions. The level of detailing and glow is breathtaking. Just the perfect combination of light and water.

The Unique Geometry of A Snowflake by Matthias Lenke

Photographer Matthias Lenke captured these wonderful macro shots of individual snowflakes to get a feel of the uniqueness of each single one of them.

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