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Picture of the Day: Jordan’s Syrian Refugee City, the World’s Largest of its Kind!

This is an aerial view of the Zaatari refugee camp which roughly holds 115,000 Syrian refugees near the Jordanian city of Mafraq, 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the Jordan-Syria border. The picture was taken by Mandel Ngan on Thursday, July 18, 2013 during a visit of John Kerry, US Secretary of State. According to U.N. official Zaatari is not just a refugee camp, but more like a small city with various facilities such as 3,000 shops, plenty of restaurants, food vendors, taxi services, schools, sport fields and hospitals spread around its 12 districts with  its own “Champs Elysees” as the main street. During his… Read more »

Dubai expatriate wins National Geographic Abu Dhabi photography competition

Amri Arfianto, the Dubai native photographer, captured a dazzling image of Dubai‘s urban-scape that came in at first place in the Life in motion photography competition, organised by National geographic Abu Dhabi. The first place winner will get his photograph printed in National Geographic Al Arabiya Magazine in addition to photography equipment worth US$5000.

Top 10 World’s Richest Countries in 2012

Forbes magazine published an article recently on the richest 15 countries in the world and the surprise was that on top of this list is the Arab state of Qatar. Qatar topped a list that classifies countries on the basis of per capita gross domestic product, where the annual per capita income in it exceeds 88 Thousand  Dollars, according to figures from the International Monetary Fund the world of 2010. Thanks to enormous economic revenues of oil and gas reserves, in comparison with the relatively low population (1.7 million inhabitants), as well as the diversity of investments carried out by the Qatari government from owning stakes in global… Read more »

Breathtaking Skydive over The Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai [VIDEO]

Skydiving over Dubai has recently become trendy in the world of extreme sports. With elite skydivers pushing the limits and boundaries of physics, equipped with cutting edge wing-suits that slows free-fall speeds, along with small aerodynamic parachutes to help accelerate their pilots’ descent speeds without compromising safety.

Winning Design Proposal for the Council of Ministers in Baghdad by Manhal Al Habbobi

Iraqi architect Manhal Al Habbobi is the one behind the winning Proposal of the architectural competition to design the new compound for the General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers in Baghdad. More than 30 international architects participated in this competition including Zaha Hadid.

Green School Prototype – Gaza, Palestine

This project is an architectural proposal for a school as well as a recreational and associative centre to be built for the young people of the Palestinian camps. Designed by the architect Mario Cucinella in the framework of the 1st Italo-Palestinian technical table on Eco-Architecture and renewable energies held in Ramallah in March 2010

Rabat theatre in Morocco, by Zaha Hadid

Rabat Grand Theatre – a new landmark is going to appear at the heart of Moroccan capital Rabat, by 2014 . The modern design of this multifunctional project that aligns with the wavy city’s landscape, is designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The building will be situated on the 47,000 sq m land area with a gross floor area of 27,000 sq m. It compromises two theaters, 2050 and 520 seat respectively, an outdoor amphitheater with up to 7000 people capacity, in addition to many creative studios. The cost of this futuristic view on classic theater is estimated at 163 million dollars. The lines of the Grand Theater… Read more »

UAE Billionaire Shiekh Hamad Writes his Name in The Sand; Visible from Space

Shiekh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of the ruling royal family of Abu Dhabi, decided to spend a few sacs of his millions in what would seem to be a mega infrastructure project in Al Futaisi Island , except , its not. The Billionaire Shiekh decided to write his name in the sand of the island, big enough to be visible from space. He ended up with a giant 2 miles by 1/2 a mile water canal-shaped “HAMAD” !! A satellite image from space confirms the enormous letters of the name “HAMAD” carved into the sand on Al Futaisi Island in Abu Dhabi. Many people are left… Read more »

The CUBE TOWER Announced for Beirut

In April 2011, Dutch firm Orange Architects were assigned by the Lebanon based development company, Masharii, to design an appartment building located in the south east side of Beirut. By the end of June 2011, the concept designs started surfacing,  a 50-metre-tall tower containing 19 apartments ranging in size from 90 to 180 m2, named The Cube. The Cube’s design, yet very simple but extremely efficient, as it effectively uses the full potential  of its location, opening up 270º views on the city and the Mediterranean sea. The structural idea of the tower is based on One Central Core functioning as the spine… Read more »

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