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Photography-like Pencil Drawings

Ileana Hunter is a graphite artist living in Norwich, UK. Her work captivates by false simplicity of execution and plain tones of black and white. All pieces are extremely alive and realistic, fast glimpse will definitely make you think they are photographs, yet they were done only with a pencil. Hunter’s drawings are available for sale in her shop on Etsy.

Javier Pérez Turns Ordinary Objects into Playful Illustrations

Another inspiration found for Instagram lovers. Javier Pérez  (cintascotch on Instagram) is the illustrator and  art director from Ecuador. Artist  uses ordinary objects around him to create clever and fun photo illustrations. His series of work, called Instagram Experiments, is full of playful ideas which can make anyone smile. Some of artist’s prints are available for purchase via Society6.

When Your Inner Child is Still Alive

One of my personal favorite instagrammers – Kerstin Hiestermann (aka khiesti) from Germany – has an amazing vision on things around her. Any tiny object, petal, leaf etc. can easily make it to her minimalistic pictures of the little monster’s life. Sometimes even words inspire Kerstin. Hiestermann doesn’t obtain a degree in art, she is a teacher, though very talented in her drawings. Her creations always grab attention and make me smile while scrolling the Instagram feeds, totally proving that “the child inside her is still alive”. Very recommended to follow.

100 Colors – Floating Rainbow by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Emmanuelle Moureaux, French architect and designer residing in Tokyo since 1996, produced a simple yet mesmerizing “100 colors” installation for Shinjuki creators festa 2013. To complete this project Moureaux used 100 of hues applied over than 840 sheets hung over the ceiling. Throwing bean bags here and there, the designer invites the visitors to engage themselves into her installation and enjoy the rainbow floating over their heads. “When I first arrived in Tokyo, I was fully fascinated by the colors overflowing on the street. In that very moment, my mind decided to move to Japan. Overwhelming number of store signs, flying electrical cables, and… Read more »

Iconostory by René Mambembé

René Mambembé, a third year graphic student who’s also majoring his Master degree in Information Design in France, decided to capture milestones from the world history into graphic icons. The key point of his Iconostory is to let people know some important events of our history through his minimalist illustrations.

Splendid Spiral Staircases Photography by Nils Eisfeld

Nils Eisfeld, German photographer, picked staircases as his obsession.  He got a special eye to notice great shapes and angles over what you may have thought were just stairs. Eisfeld’s Stairs series includes lamp-bulb, eye, egg, rabbit hole, leaf-shaped spiral cases and lots of other whatever-your-mind-whispers-to-you canvases of stairs. Inspire your imagination with these spectacular examples of Nils Eisfeld’s work. Source [Nils Eisfeld’s flickr]

The Luxury “Ciel de Paris” Restaurant by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance

French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has designed the interior of the Ciel de Paris (Sky of Paris) restaurant, located in the center of the city on the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower, the highest building in Paris, overlooking the Eiffel tower and spanning over an area of 400 square meters. Warm lighting glows out from behind the circular mirrors covering the ceiling, as well as around the edges of the room and from beneath the curved central bar. Chairs designs by feature smooth grey resin and fibreglass shells with orange leather linings. Description from the designer’s website: Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has designed a soft and profound… Read more »

Branded Objects in White by Andrew Miller

Brand Spirit, a collection by Andrew Miller, is an intriguing project where the artist strips daily objects of their brand identity by painting them completely in white. It’s worth noting that he only choses objects that can be bought for under $10. The results are quite interesting and show clearly how branding extends much further than just a logo and it’s applications. We really love this simple idea, and of course, some have worked better than others. Check out a mix of them below.

The World’s Most Expensive Photographer – Andreas Gursky

German photographer Andreas Gursky, is a world known artist, who is famous for his contemporary photography artwork. Pictures he takes are usually recognized by the colossal size of architecture and landscapes. His work is not only breathtaking but also well-paid! In 2007 the print 99 Cent II, Diptych, was sold for $3,346,456 USD at Sotheby’s, London. Moreover, in November 2011 Gursky beat his previous world record, selling “Rhein II“  for USD $4,338,500 USD at Christie’s, New York; it turned him into the world’s most expensive photographer.

Koban Police Box in Kumamoto, Japan by Klein Dytham Architecture

Tokyo-based agency Klein Dytham Architecture  has recently designed a police station in the very unexpected way to its traditional image. The Koban Police Box is situated in Kumamoto, Japan and covers a surface of 143.62 m2. This friendly looking station already became a local landmark.

An All-White Loft Apartment in Moldova by Grosu Art Studio

Moldova, a wonderful place to live, mainly because of its long mild-and-sunny climate. Typically, the region will have a continental type of climate throughout the year. Long warm summers and mild dry winters are a landmark of this small landlocked nation.  Grosu Art Studio, based in Chisinau – the capital city of Moldova – has designed the ‘All-White Loft Apartment’, located also in Chisinau. The interior of the apartment imparts aesthetics as well as a contemporary outlook altogether. Right from the entrance, you would be invited by a sequence of bright colored paintings, and this seems to be most distinguishable trait of… Read more »

Mid Ages Yellow Brick House Wrapped in Glass at Vilnius, Lithuania

The Yellow Brick residence in Pavilniai Regional Park, near the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, has a confident combination of history and modernism, designed by the architectural firm G. Natkevicius & Partners for an upscale family. Located by in the valley of river Vilnia that gave the city its name, the park and the city have a rich history with the oldest written records dating back to 1323. In the Middle Ages the area, where the building is situated, was a cannon foundry. The new house owners bought the site where an old yellow brick lodge with a basement stood. By cleaning the plaster… Read more »

Stunning Entertainment Unit by EO-Designs [Time Lapse Assembly Video]

A contemporary design that encompasses a youthful spirit and modern technologies can show how shape, color, material and lighting create an amazing atmosphere. Our friends at EO Designs sent us this remarkable time lapse video of the assembly of an entertainment unit they created.

Casa Cubo (Club House) in Chihuahua, Mexico

This is a guest post by Patricia Perez of Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop. The concept of a courtyard as an element of spatial and emotional transition, is the premise of conceptual design, again taking four natural elements, water, fire, air and land. Architectural compositions start with these open spaces and harmonically merge the volumes of the project, organized, scaled and related to each other, in accordance with the architectural program.

See-Through Church in Limburg, Belgium by ‘Gijs Van Vaerenbergh’

See-Through Church, a dramatically daring concept that might not catch your eye at first, but it really shines upon closer inspection. Designed by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, the church is 10 meters high and is made of 100 layers and 2000 columns of steel. Depending on the perspective of the viewer, the church is either perceived as a massive building or seems to dissolve – partly or entirely – in the landscape. The church is a part of the Z-OUT project of Z33, house for contemporary art based in Hasselt, Belgium. Z-OUT is an ambitious longterm art in public space project that will be realised on… Read more »

Library in Almere, Netherlands

The first idea you get in your mind when you hear the word “library” is a dusty boring place. The one in Almere, Netherlands definitely isn’t matching the stereotype; its bright design and creative presentation won’t let you stay indifferent. This unusual place was, designed by Dutch design company Concrete Architectural Associates, has an overall area of 11,000 m2 with 5000 linear meters of bookshelves built with 1 straight and 5 curved modules; with extended facilities,working places, seating areas, info terminal, counters, couch lounges with lighting. Designers aimed to avoid any average look of a library as the philosophy of the place is to treat customers… Read more »

The Hub – A Modern Student Center of Coventry University

Student’s centers are the comfortable spots at universities that combine studying with social life during your years of college. With some outstanding examples of universities that manage to create very stylish and welcoming meeting points, avoiding boring cliché of library-look design. Coventry University in UK is one of them – it’s new student center also known as “The Hub” attracts visitors with its modernism and simplicity,  well-chosen yellow, black and grey colors, practical and cozy nooks, and at the same time happy atmosphere. The center covers a surface area of 91,000 square feet with accommodation capacity of 1000 students at the… Read more »

Miami Rainbow – Harmonic Convergence by Christopher Janney

American sound architect Christopher Janney made a colorful installation to mark the new entrance to the Miami International Airport in Florida. He called it “Harmonic convergence” and wanted to announce through it the connection between the new car rental terminal and larger airport arrival/departure environment. Janney removed the shading louvers from the west side to open up the view and humanize the appearance of the transition area. He substituted normal glass with a diagonal pattern of colored glass, which is installed as a colored puzzle on the existing “X-bracing” – 45 degree-angle pattern on the crosswalk walls, with colored 24″… Read more »

The Elevated Bar and Terrace at the 9 April Garden in Lisbon, Portugal

The Bar/Terrace at the 9 April garden, is the optimum example of benefiting from a vantage point with the perfect panoramic horizon over the Tagus River and the surrounding historical buildings of Lisbon, Portugal. It lies at the edge of the elevated park on the roof of an existing building which anchors the level change between the garden and the lower plane of the adjacent street below. The garden of 9 April -also known as Alberta or rock garden of Count Obidos, a promontory appears as a green space surrounded by tradition, open to the river and ships. Designed by aspa, the bar/terrace… Read more »

Walk through “Your Rainbow Panorama” in Denmark

Now reaching the rainbow became possible with the new installation named “Your rainbow panorama” of the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The new project was opened on the 28th of May 2011 on the top of the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Århus, Denmark. Permanent circular vivid walkway of a 150 meters long, 3 meters wide by 3 meters high, gives a 360° colorful view of the city. Eliasson’s creation is 52 meters in diameter (approximate weight of 140 tons), mounted on the 12 columns which are resting on the steel construction on the roof level (around 100 tons). This artistic work… Read more »

Nakahouse  by XTEN Architects

NAKAHOUSE, an abstract transformation of a 1960’s house to a Black and White single-story hillside estate overlooking the Hollywood sign. Designed by Los Angeles based architecture firm Xten, the concept was to project terraces from all angles to maximize views of the surrounding landscape, with a main one connecting the dinning area and the kitchen and an outdoors stairs to the roof deck, steps from one level to another helped it to mingle with the sloped surrounding nature of Hollywood Hills. The inside was completely reinvented to achieve a sleek and modern theme of minimalism. The stark white interiors are made… Read more »

Rabat theatre in Morocco, by Zaha Hadid

Rabat Grand Theatre – a new landmark is going to appear at the heart of Moroccan capital Rabat, by 2014 . The modern design of this multifunctional project that aligns with the wavy city’s landscape, is designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The building will be situated on the 47,000 sq m land area with a gross floor area of 27,000 sq m. It compromises two theaters, 2050 and 520 seat respectively, an outdoor amphitheater with up to 7000 people capacity, in addition to many creative studios. The cost of this futuristic view on classic theater is estimated at 163 million dollars. The lines of the Grand Theater… Read more »

BMW 328 Hommage: The Dream Sports Car of the 1930s is Reborn

Ever thought about your dream sports car? Imagining yourself driving it down a 2-lane cliff road on the seaside at sunset, thinking of the sound of its motor and exhausts, the powerful acceleration it would acquire, and surely its design lines and how sexy it would be.  Well, a car that satisfies a guys wildest imagination, was just revealed, the new BMW 328 Hommage . The car celebrates the 75th anniversary of the first Hommage that came out in the 1930s, and was considered as a successful leap into the future, due to its design.  The BMW 328 Hommage is specially crafted to… Read more »

Rainbow mille-feuille: Colorful Bank in Tokyo

“We are happy to make you happy” – that’s the motto of the Sugami Shinkin bank in Japan – sounds different from the regular image of a regular bank.  And it looks different too. The new branch of the bank in Tokiwadai and Niiza, Tokyo is designed by a local studio of French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux architecture + design.  Moureaux, who has been living in Japan for more than a decade, inspired by the Japanese school of design, she created Shikiri – which she defines as “to divide space with color”. The new bank looks like a giant “rainbow mille-feuille”…. Read more »

Japan’s 9-hours Capsule Hotel

From Japan, the busiest most efficient country in the world, comes out a new capsule hotel named 9 hours. Coming along this modern Japanese-style hotel grabbed my attention that 9 hours isn’t just a name, its a complete theme that defines the exact function of the sleep-in facility. Designed by Fumie Shibata of design studio s, the new capsule hotel offers luxury in a minimum living volume by defining the elements necessary for a minimal transit space for day-travelers, businessmen that missed the last train, or night-life goers who are looking for a fast place to crash. The design theme is very minimalistic, it’s majorly white and black,… Read more »

Twitter office

Sometimes just a little bird can take an important role in shifting the direction of history’s wheel.  In the beginning of 2011,  the world has witnessed the Twitter effect on the Middle Eastern wave of revolutions. Egypt was one of the countries that demonstrated the use of internet technologies in their up-rise. Due to the super fast rate of info exchange, twitter.com was the first website to get blocked by the ex-government, even before Facebook, tweets went viral in a mater of seconds.  As a result, now the country is experiencing a much higher interest in social networking and especially tweeting. The… Read more »

Concrete Slit House

Concrete Slit House is a contemporary concrete residence that gives a good example to the definition of architectural minimalism, the structure and roof of the slit house are casted and fair-face finished entirely from concrete. Designed by AZL architects the 270 square meters residence, in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, is designed with various levels on the inside, creating rooms with ceiling heights extending one and a half levels and the reception/living area at two levels high, along with the slit (opening) in the concrete shell of the house, it gives a high sense of transparency that responds to the interior circulation. Here… Read more »

A Peek inside the Skype office

SKYPE, the infamous VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software company, was founded in Luxembourg in 2003 by Swedish entrepreneur Niklas Zennström and Dane Janus Friis. The company is headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in London, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tartu, Prague, and Palo Alto, with most of the development team and 44% of the overall employees of Skype situated in the offices of Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia.  Almost no one in today’s online world wouldn’t be familiar with or haven’t used the software to voice or video-chat. In May 2011, Skype was acquired by -software-giant- Microsoft for $8.5 Billion. In April 2011 Skype moved into… Read more »

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