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Amazing iPhone Photography by Sam Alive

Sam Alive , freelance photographer from New York City, came out with a great project called “Through the Phone”. Al the images were taken with a digital lens while the iPhone was used to capture landscapes in focus. Many of pictures are recognizable such as Golden Gate Bridge, New York city skyline, Brooklyn Bridge. Their beauty is even more powerful due to the blurry frame accent. The whole project carries the theme of awesome shots spread around our daily walks, roads to work, sometimes unnoticed yet so breathtaking if appreciated.

The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze of Stunning Pumpkin Arrangements

Once a year, Pumpkin carvers come together in New York  for the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze, an event that extends up to 25 nights before Halloween, featuring some 5,000 hand-carved, illuminated pumpkins arranged into dinosaurs, sea monsters, zombies, and other spooky sculptural forms. Via Instagram: Although only associated with Halloween as we know it today since the late 1800s, the tradition of gourd carving dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries in rural Ireland and England. People created jack o’lanterns for the old holidays of Samhain and All Souls’ Night when spirits were thought to be the most active. Grotesque faces… Read more »

New Project in the Streets of New York by Banksy

Banksy is back! This time with a one month project called Better In Than Out. He’s going to treat New York City as a big museum revealing one masterpiece per day during the whole October. As Banksy says himself, he “will be attempting to host an entire show on the streets of New York”. The live exhibition even has an audio guide – simply dial this toll free number 1 800 656 4271 and enjoy the tour. The first graffiti appeared on October 1 in lower Manhattan. October 1 Less than 24 hours and it got totally vandalized.   October… Read more »

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquettes by Nathan Pyle

Living in New York and dealing with the City for 5 years artist Nathan Pyle is sharing his wisdom with newcomers through gif images smart advice . Appearing on reddit first, Pyle gained huge recognition and praising online to the extend that his book NYC Basic Tips and Etiquettes is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2014. This last serious of his tips are “pages that (probably) didn’t make it in the book.” You can only imagine how good is the book gonna be!

Interactive Photos of New York City Then and Now

Paul Sahner, after moving to New York 9 years ago and taking many of various photos and videos around the city, decided to blog about it. His website NYC Grid explores the neighborhoods “street by street and block by block.” “I will attempt to document anything of interest, be it architectural, cultural, or just a good place to get a burrito,” – Sahner says. The website gives an idea not only on the modern side of the metropolis but compares identical locations from the old times with nowadays in the Before and After section. The best part of the history flashback is the interactive… Read more »

Glowing Day To Night Series by Stephen Wilkes

Stephen Wilkes‘ art and photography has been highly recognized around the world during past few decades. He’s been honored with numerous awards as well as appeared in many known magazines such as Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, Time, Life Magazine, and The New York Times Magazine. Wilkes’ series Day and Night is a mesmerizing collection of the perfectly captured images from dawn till dark. The artist blended thirty to fifty shots to create the energetic flow of the city. The photographs came out stunning and full of details, inviting the viewer pause and take a closer look. Coney Island   Union Square,… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Manhattan Now and Then

Ever wondered how New York used to look like before it was a city? The Manhatta project through 1999 – 2009 discovered that one of the world’s most build-up cities once used to be very rich in terms of landscapes and wildlife community  for thousands of years before Europeans arrived on the scene in 1609. The Welikia Project (2010 – 2013) goes beyond Manahattan to encompass the entire city, discover its original ecology and compare it to what we have today; they give a chance to anyone to walk in past through the map on their website. The Welikia Project also includes… Read more »

Sunset in New York City – Manhattanhenge 2013

Manhattanhenge stands for Manhattan Solstice – a circumstance which occurs twice a year, when the setting sun aligns with the east–west streets of the main street grid in the borough of Manhattan, New York City. According to Neil deGrasse Tyson – the astrophysicist who basically founded this phenomenon:  What will future civilizations think of Manhattan Island when they dig it up and find a carefully laid out network of streets and avenues? Surely the grid would be presumed to have astronomical significance, just as we have found for the pre-historic circle of large vertical rocks known as Stonehenge, in the Salisbury Plain of England…. Read more »

Aerial Tilt-Shifts of New York City by Tim Sklyarov

This incredible set of tilt-shift aerial images of New York City, snapped by the city’s-based graphic designer and photographer Tim Sklyarov , gives us a real sense of just how many tall buildings are housed on the mighty Manhattan island, and the size of footprint Central Park occupies on it. Head over to his personal website to see the entire gallery. If you’re interested in a 24×36 canvas print of the image above, head over to Tim’s online store at 500px. You can also follow the graphic designer’s work on Flickr. SEE AlSO: New York City Skyline Welcomes the Highest Building in the Western Hemisphere [Images copyright Tim Sklyarov]

FILMography by Christopher Moloney

Christopher Moloney developed his joy of watching movies into a serious hobby, which he named FILMography (film+photography). This ongoing art project is mostly done in New York (the city Moloney lives in) and aimed to combine the screenshot from a known motion picture with its real life location. Just the fact you can relate to the actual location a loved movie was filmed at gives an intriguing feel of joy. Here are our favorites out Moloney’s collages: The Avengers (2012)   The Adjustment Bureau (2011)   Sunday In New York (1963)   Spider-Man (2002)   Sex and the City 2… Read more »

New York City Skyline Welcomes the Highest Building in the Western Hemisphere

The 2013 update for New York City’s brings a unique and iconic upgrade. Construction progress of the new World Trade Center complex arrived at one of it’s main milestone marks. With the spire installed in place atop One WTC ,  it crowned it as the highest building in the western hemisphere – one year exactly after claiming the title for the highest tower in New York.  Soaring at almost 125 meters (408 feet), the spire will elevate the building height to a symbolic (540 meters) 1,776 feet and place it at the 3rd spot of the world’s highest buildings, right after Burj… Read more »

Mind-Bending Inception Maps of Manhattan

This is how a map should look like! The ability to be in a city and to see through it, is a superpower. London-based graphic design firm BERG London created these 3D, inception-like, maps of Manhattan, NY by curling up the landscape and eliminating the horizon. The posters, part of a set entitled Here & There, looking uptown from 3rd and 7th, and downtown from 3rd and 35th, are created using a combination of city manipulations in modeling software. The prints have made their way into MOMA’s permanent collection, they are both three feet tall and two feet wide (90cm x 60cm), and are available to… Read more »

The Top 10 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2012

After the tremendous success our “Picture of the Day” section received upon its introduction in 2012, we’ve decided to put together a short gallery of our most “liked” images posted throughout the year, in efforts to honor the gifted photographers that have managed to snap incredible imagery that inspires us all. Below are the top 10 Pictures of the day for 2012. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your day to check out the site. May you continue to be inspired, educated and entertained by our beautiful planet and all that inhabit it. Enjoy the peek!… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Central Park Panorama

What you’re looking at is aerial photos stitched together to form one huge 3D panorama of Central Park in New York. captured by Russian photographer Sergey Semenov, he got the EPSON International Pano Awards 2012 (Panoramic Photography Competition) as Major Amateur Winner and as Amateur Award – Built Environment (including architecture and landscape). His art keeps your eyes interested in details of the picture and your mind busy with “how did he make this shot?” question. [Via The Pano Awards]

The Submerged Roller Coaster by Sandy

The above photograph is from Stephen Wilkes, who has offered limited edition prints of this photo as part of the Art for Sandy Relief Project in collaboration with TIME’s photo editors. All net profits from print sales go towards six local charities. Here’s the artist’s statement: There are moments in journalism when the media captures the visual details of a disaster, yet sometimes misses the true scale of devastation. It was with that in mind that on Sunday, November 4th, I flew in a helicopter over a number of the most devastated areas hit by Superstorm Sandy. Specifically, the devastation in and around Seaside… Read more »

The Story Behind the Blacked-Out Photo of Lower Manhattan, New York

The latest cover of New York Magazine (November 2012 issue) features an incredible aerial photograph of a blacked-out New York City. The cover image conveys the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy as it left much of downtown Manhattan powerless. In fact, New York Magazine’s own offices (located at Varick and Canal street) were left flooded and powerless (including their backup servers in New Jersey) and they only managed to get the latest issue out by setting up an improvised newsroom (with 32 editors, photo editors, designers, and production specialists squeezed around a conference-room table). All of this happened 72 hours before going… Read more »

Time-lapse Video of Patrick Vale Drawing the Manhattan Skyline

A stunning video made by UK-based illustrator and graphics artist Patrick Vale free-hand drawing the view of Lower Manhattan standing from the Empire State Building. The guy is insane!

NYC Skyline Over the Years (1876-2013)

This great photographic composition highlights the changes underwent to the New York City skyline in the past 137 years, the Manhattan city-scape is often hailed as having one of the greatest skylines in the world (other candidates include Hong Kong, Chicago and Singapore) and it’s interesting to see how it once looked back in the late 1800′s. From the city’s early immigration days, passing through the era of the Great Depression, then the old World Trade Center twin towers (where the 9/11 memorial is now located) and ending up in 2013 with the new One World Trade Center joining the silhouette… Read more »

Breathtaking Manhattan in Motion Time Lapse Video

A remarkable time lapse video posted earlier on Archdaily, by Mindrelic on Vimeo, capturing the fast pace of life on the stunning streets of Manhattan, New York. The maker spent a little over a month hotel hopping around Manhattan to shoot this time lapse. The reflection and refraction of lights and shadows on the high-rise buildings of the island are breathtaking. Check out more time lapse videos and more posts about New York. [Via ArchDaily]

One World Trade Center Claims its Title as the Tallest Building in New York City

New York, 30th of April 2012: As of this afternoon, One World Trade Center -the lead building of the new World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan, New York City- will reclaim its title as the tallest building on the island. Steel installation for One WTC has reached the 100th floor at a height merely over 381 meters (1,250 feet), just enough to peek over the roof of the observation deck on the Empire State Building. Once completed, the glass-paneled mammoth formerly called the Freedom Tower will stand 541 meters (1,776 feet) tall from ground level to spire, boasting 104 floors. It will be 99 meters (325 feet) taller than the Willis… Read more »

Intersections – from Tokyo to New York by Navid Baraty

Photographer Navid Baraty based in Brooklyn New York, has started a photography project called intersections, taking shots of street intersections from roof tops of high-rise buildings in New York City and Tokyo. The idea came to him while he was lunching in a skyscraper restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, looking downwards at the city. Since then, he’s been capturing the familiar hustle and bustle of city life – from an unfamiliar point of view. “You get such a different perspective from above that you just don’t see on the street level,” Baraty said. “When you’re on the street it feels so chaotic and hectic, there are people everywhere…. Read more »

Exploding Twin Towers Concept Triggers Outrage

A Strange twin towers concept, for Seoul, South Korea, was recently revealed by Dutch designers MVRDV.  The Cloud – consists of 2 high rise residential buildings, joined at the middle of its height span by a pixelated cluster. Oddly, the final renders of the towers gave an impression of resembling a frozen frame of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York in 2001, which triggered a rough wave of outrage in the design fans community, that started with a publication introducing the building on Dezeen magazine.

First Images of the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero [PHOTOS]

NEW YORK – September 11th 2011: Just a few hours before the opening ceremony of the – now named –  National September 11th Memorial, the first images were revealed to New York’s newest and most popular landmark.  Ground Zero – once a black hole of despair – has seen changes that took 10 years to happen, turning a place that was once tied to the thoughts of millions with death, into a place of calmness, sorrow, and remembrance. The National September 11th Memorial is part of the new World Trade Center development, Consisting of four new skyscrapers surrounding the memorial where the old twin towers once stood…. Read more »

New York’s 9/11 Memorial to Open this Year on 10th Anniversary [PHOTOS]

The work at Ground Zero (the World Trade Center Towers Site) is being wrapped up on the memorial park and museum that will be the landmark New Yorkers visit to pay their respect for those who lost their lives. The 9/11 Memorial will open this year in September on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. Designed by the global competition winners architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker, the memorial consists of a peaceful tree-filled plaza and two reflecting pools on the exact footprints of the towers that once stood, the reflecting pools will be fenced by a bronze parapet with the names of the 2983 victims, that died on… Read more »

Meeting Bowls NYC: The New Social Trend of Time Square
New York by Gehry

Frank O Gehry, the 82 year old Canadian-American architect, doesn’t look like he’s planning to retire anytime soon. This time he stuns the world with his magnificent “8 Spruce St.” Residential Tower, named “New York by Gehry“. At  265 meters (870 feet) high it joins the iconic Manhattan skyline as the 8th highest tower in New York and the highest residential tower in the Americas. The building’s exterior is covered with twirly stainless steel sheets looking like a fabric, that reflect a glare of changing light giving the “8 Spruce St.” tower different appearances throughout the day, it also contains opening for… Read more »


The Flatiron, a 109 years old magnificent building standing at the cross-paths of Fifth ave and Broadway in the heart of Manhattan island, New York City.  Sometimes mistakingly thought to have held the title of the tallest building in the world once, but it never did.  Although upon completion in 1902, it was the highest standing steel structure of its time.  With its triangular geometry and steel skeleton, critics vowed it would never withstand its location, described as “a very windy corner for a building that is both slim and high (at the pointy tip of the triangle the room’s width is… Read more »

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