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Exotic Paper Birds by Diana Beltran Herrera

Artist from Bogota, Colombia, Diana Beltran Herrera has very outstanding paper cutting skills. Paper as her primer medium represents notions of temporality and change, emphasizing the process of transformation that continuously occur in nature as well as mankind.  Herrera’s new exotic birds leave a breathtaking impression; detailed work, colors, bird’s expressions  – all make you want to believe that they are real.

Mind-Bending Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian artist living in England. she possesses an extraordinary talent of painting complex illustrations using only paper, various colors of paper cut, shaped, wrapped, and stuck together to form very detailed portraits. Her work has hit sky high and turned her into a popular go-to artist today by many advertisers around the world.

Delicate Silhouette Scenes out of Single Sheets of Paper

Ukraine-based artists Dmytro and Iuliia have an extraordinary talent of turning paper into silhouetted scenes. To make their work, the paper-cutting artists snip away at sheets of black paper to create all kinds of designs.

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