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Photography-like Pencil Drawings

Ileana Hunter is a graphite artist living in Norwich, UK. Her work captivates by false simplicity of execution and plain tones of black and white. All pieces are extremely alive and realistic, fast glimpse will definitely make you think they are photographs, yet they were done only with a pencil. Hunter’s drawings are available for sale in her shop on Etsy.

Amazing Pencil Illustrations by Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare, the illustrator based in California, USA, was interested in drawing since she was three. Her amazingly detailed large-scale on paper works are created only with a pencil, an eraser and a sock. At first the art pieces seem overloaded with animals but after a closer look the perfect interaction between all the participants of the murals becomes obvious. “The drawings are not pre-planned rather they evolve through my experiences with people and the absurdities of life. The result is a group of drawings where the animals coexist in a world beyond ours, and are inexplicably tied together, often not by choice…. Read more »

Believe It or Not, These Hyper-Realistic Portraits Were Drawn Using Only A Pencil

When a talent is spotted, it speaks out loud for itself. In our featured post today, we present to you the mind-bending artwork of Italian artist Diego Fazio aka DiegoKoi. Born in 1989, the self-taught illustrator, first started as a tattoo artist and turned to drawing portraits only in 2007. At only 23-years of age, his hyper-realistic pencil drawings on paper and wood have garnered him international acclaim. Each portrait can take up to 200 hours but the results are just magnificent. [Via Twisted Sifter]

Unbelievably Realistic Pencil Drawings of Sparkling Eyes

Posted on My Modern Met a few days ago, this jaw-dropping talent of pencil sketching of the Eye, overtook my attention with the determination it took to reach such a level of detail and accuracy. The above illustrations are by artists Jasper Branse & Brian Schmalzriedt  respectively, who are able to produce such captivating, hyper-realistic renders of these supposed windows to the soul with a few simple tools—pencils, erasers, tissues, charcoal, and a lot of skill.

Genius Photorealistic Pencil Drawings of Cats

Artist Paul Lung, a 41 year old graphic designer from Hong Kong, is very well known for his striking talent in pencil drawings, has lately created a breathtaking set of cat portraits, you don’t need to be a cat lover to appreciate these sketches. The level of details reached to render the feline furry creature is outstanding, with the perfect amount of shades and sharpness. The clarity achieved in the cats eyes are lively and realistic. Taking on average anywhere between 40 to 60 hours to complete just one piece, Lung is all about the details. Surprisingly, he solely relies on his trusty mechanical pencil… Read more »

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