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People Interacting with Street Art by Julien Coquentin

French photographer Julien Coquentin twists the street art we see every day into 3D live pictures. In his Please Draw Me a Wall series he adds a little touch of interaction between an urban mural and his model, which gives even more sense to an average graffiti.

Junk or History by David Emitt Adams

David Emitt Adams, photographer from Arizona, creates fascinating art on rusty old cans he found in the local desert. The artist decided to give some importance to the meaningless junk, that was dumped more than 40 years ago when the American desert was more empty and less touched by buildings. Adams’ project “Conversation with History” was created with the labor-intensive 19th century photographic process known as wet-plate collodion, the result of his work was “an object that has history as an artifact and an image that ties it to its location. These cans are the relics of the advancement of our… Read more »

The World’s Most Expensive Photographer – Andreas Gursky

German photographer Andreas Gursky, is a world known artist, who is famous for his contemporary photography artwork. Pictures he takes are usually recognized by the colossal size of architecture and landscapes. His work is not only breathtaking but also well-paid! In 2007 the print 99 Cent II, Diptych, was sold for $3,346,456 USD at Sotheby’s, London. Moreover, in November 2011 Gursky beat his previous world record, selling “Rhein II“  for USD $4,338,500 USD at Christie’s, New York; it turned him into the world’s most expensive photographer.

Chefchaouen – the Blue City of Morocco

Chefchaouen or Chaouen is a city in northwest Morocco. It is known for its blue-rinsed houses and buildings, a tradition that comes from the town’s former Jewish population. The city was found in 1471, as a small fortress which still exists to this day, by Moorish exiles from Spain led by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami to fight the Portuguese invasions of northern Morocco. Chefchaouen was a base for Riffian berber tribes from which attacks on Portuguese Ceuta were made. After the fall of Granada in 1492 there was a wave of Muslim and Jewish refugees that flooded into Morocco, who brought to the city… Read more »

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