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Boggie’s Video Reveals Her Appearance Retouched

Hungarian musician Csemer Boglarka aka Boggie made her first video bravely showing all the steps of her retouched transformation while singing her new song Nouveau Parfum. A Photoshop-like software altered singer’s features starting with no-make-up tired face and finishing with the glamoured image in the end. With this video Boggie is criticizing the modern idea of perfectionism in women’s appearance, the chase of ideal beauty and social acceptance through it.

Dreamy World of Joel Robinson’s Photography

Joel Robison, photographer from Cranbrook, British Columbia in Canada, creates whimsical photos, turning the reality into dreamy and unique fairytale. His work is full of optimism and inspiration.  With just a slight touch of Photoshop another surreal world is born. Each image has its own story, making you want to grab a cup of tea and enjoy it slowly.

Bizarre Photo-Manipulations by Caras Ionut

Romanian artist Caras Ionut, creates surreal world blending everyday reality with dreams. Compositions, full of dull lights and tones, brings a viewer into his strange imagination, which easily could be illustrations to a story book. Ionut about his work: “Most people when considering dreams would think of good positive dreams, and I like to think I capture that in my work. I also seem to visit the darker side of what people may see in dreams, not necessarily what one would see as negative, but possibly a dream that one could not quite understand or [from which one] may feel alone”…. Read more »

14-Year-Old Photographer’s Self-Portraits in A Miniature Surreal World

Massachusetts-based photographer Zev ” fiddle oak“, has already been taking photographs for 6 years, since he was 8! The -now- 14 years old photographer, has a portfolio that exhibits skills beyond his years. His latest creation is a series of photo-manipulated images of a surreal miniature world, with him being the star of the scenes. Many of the images are a collaboration with Zev’s 18-year-old sister Nellie who helps with concepts and setup but all of the shooting and editing is done by Zev. This is a talent that definitely deserves attention! SEE ALSO: Cardboard Cities by Andy Rudak [Via Colossal]

Cally Whitham’s Stunning Painting-Like Photography

The most beauty is hidden in the simplest things around us, you just have to open your eyes and look around. That’s what Cally Whitham’s photography is all about – search of promise and value in a banality. New Zealand based artist represents the most unpromising things in an extremely outstanding way. Her subjects are depicted in an almost surreal ambience, making her work resemble a real oil painting. Whitham describes her philosophy: “I’m interested in the idea of perceptions and how changing a perception gives or takes away value. For instance, people will pay to go to a zoo to look… Read more »

Post-Apocalyptic Cover Illustration Time-lapse – An Outrageous Photoshop Talent

A real artist creates with whatever medium they choose. I don’t think I have ever seen an artist give this much attention to detail as in this Photoshop time-lapse. Unbelievable! Post-Apocalyptic Cover Illustration Time-lapse by San Francisco-based artist Deisign  

Darkened Cities – A Light Pollution Wake Up Call

French photographer Thierry Cohen invites us to discover his series of photographs called “Darkened Cities” wanting to raise awareness of the phenomenon of light pollution. With pictures retouched with talent, he wants to show us the largest cities of the world plunged into darkness with the starlight.

What Would Happen if the Intimate Inner-Child Inside Us is Completely Revealed?

This intriguing set of retouched photos entitled L’ Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child) by Paris-based photo editor  Cristian Girotto with photography by Quentin Curtat attempts to impersonate the inner, young, instinctive, naïve child inside everyone of us. The artist describes: Without bothering Jung and its “Puer aeternus” or Pascoli with its “Little Boy”, we can certainly agree that, somewhere inside each of us, there’s a young core, instinctive, creative but also innocent and naïve. What would happen if this intimate essence would be completely revealed? L’ Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child) takes into analysis this possibility, showing us a world of men in the shape of children, as… Read more »

Novartis “Reflections” Campaign

Advertising photographer Tom Hussey photographed an award winning campaign for Novartis’ Exelon Patch, a prescription medicine for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia. The highly conceptual photographs depicted an older person looking at the reflection of their younger self in a mirror. This is where the set acquired its title; Reflections. The photo compositions went viral once revealed and pulled at heartstrings all over the world. They are a sincere peek into the lives of strangers that truly tell a lifetime of stories in single images.

Photo Opportunities: Painting-Like Photography by Corinne Vionnet

Millions of people around the world, while travelling, take the same pictures from the same spot with the same angle. Is it because we are already influenced by the images we’ve seen before in travel guides, booklets, internet and friends’ albums? Is the known image a prove of a trip to us or are we just trying to reproduce an image of an image? Swiss photographer Corinne Vionnet gathered a great number of tourists’ shots using keywords searches and online albums for her series Photo Opportunities.

Statues of the Louvre Dressed Up as Modern-Day Hipsters

Greek gods wearing Ray Bans, Montaigne in khakis! Well this is just a part of the outcome of Paris-based graphic designer Alexis Persani and photographer Leo Caillard, photo-manipulation set.  Photographs of the statues were made by the photographer at the Louvre, clothes photographed in the studio, then using Photoshop software the outfits were montaged professionally on the marble statues. The results are so stunningly realistic, you can almost think they were actually dressed up for the session. As stated by the artists, the aim of the approach is ” to catch the eye of the beholder by the marriage of two worlds so different”.

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