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Casa Vale do Lobo by Arqui+ in The Algarve, Portugal

Casa Vale do Lobo, a contemporary villa within a golf course in The Algarve in southern Portugal, that offers an incredible trend of design and a unique experience of living. Designed by architect Vasco Vieira of Arqui + Arquitectura, the house is a transparent U-shape structure with a central court and an elevated pool that cantilevers over the landscape and over flows creating a stunning water fall fountain. The suspended pool opens up vision across the courtyard maximizing the usage of the space available. The house sports 5 main bedrooms, an indoor pool and spa. The main living spaces of the villa have been developed… Read more »

The Blue Dragon by Steve Richards, Rendered or Real?

This stunning photograph that looks more like a computer generated render was shot by Steven Richards on a flight from Cardiff, UK to Faro, Portugal. The photo generated plenty of debate about its authenticity, Richards assures it’s real, he explains the bright blue color of the water is because of the reflection of the sky and the cast shadows on the terrain are of the clouds; that’s what gives this image it’s allure housing a mix of nature’s best colors.

A Sweet Time-Lapse Video of Lisbon, Portugal by José Costa Barbosa

Photographer, director and editor José Costa Barbosa made this heart-warming time-lapse video of Lisbon, Portugal, showing a corner of Europe many of us might not be familiar with.

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