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Boggie’s Video Reveals Her Appearance Retouched

Hungarian musician Csemer Boglarka aka Boggie made her first video bravely showing all the steps of her retouched transformation while singing her new song Nouveau Parfum. A Photoshop-like software altered singer’s features starting with no-make-up tired face and finishing with the glamoured image in the end. With this video Boggie is criticizing the modern idea of perfectionism in women’s appearance, the chase of ideal beauty and social acceptance through it.

Darkened Cities – A Light Pollution Wake Up Call

French photographer Thierry Cohen invites us to discover his series of photographs called “Darkened Cities” wanting to raise awareness of the phenomenon of light pollution. With pictures retouched with talent, he wants to show us the largest cities of the world plunged into darkness with the starlight.

What Would Happen if the Intimate Inner-Child Inside Us is Completely Revealed?

This intriguing set of retouched photos entitled L’ Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child) by Paris-based photo editor  Cristian Girotto with photography by Quentin Curtat attempts to impersonate the inner, young, instinctive, naïve child inside everyone of us. The artist describes: Without bothering Jung and its “Puer aeternus” or Pascoli with its “Little Boy”, we can certainly agree that, somewhere inside each of us, there’s a young core, instinctive, creative but also innocent and naïve. What would happen if this intimate essence would be completely revealed? L’ Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child) takes into analysis this possibility, showing us a world of men in the shape of children, as… Read more »

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