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The Kelpies Giant Horse Heads – New Scottish Landmark

The Kelpies are two giant horse head sculptures standing next to the Forth and Clyde Canal in Falkirk, Scotland. Designed by Andy Scott, each installation is 30 meters high (99 feet) made from structural steel with a stainless steel cladding. It took around 7 years of development and now they are finally completed. The public opening is scheduled by April 2014. The Kelpies were inspired by mythological beasts with power of 10 horses and horses as a part of Scottish historical heritage. “The original concept of mythical water horses was a valid starting point for the artistic development of the structures. I took that concept and moved with… Read more »

Fairy-Tale-Like Landscape Architecture by Charles Jencks

American architectural theorist, landscape architect and designer Charles Jencks is the brilliant mind behind this fabulous flight of stairs, located in the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland. The stairs have 25 landings that mark the important shifts in cosmic history. Starting at the top, in the present day, and descending down, visitors are moving through 13 billion years of cosmic evolution. The steps finally disappear into the dark water below, which represents the mystery of the origin of the universe. Born on 21 June 1939 in Baltimore, he has surely made him self a respected reputation in the field of landscape architecture, he now divides his time… Read more »

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