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Egypt’s Orascom Group Revives the World’s Worst Building

The Ryugyong Hotel, in downtown Pyongyang, North Korea, once described as the worst building in the world, is now being revived by Orascom Group, an Egyptian construction company, and is scheduled to open in 2012. The hotel was a project aiming to show off the powers of communist North Korea in the cold war era. Construction that started in early 1987 on the mega hotel, stumbled with the crackdown of communism, which if completed as scheduled, it would’ve been open by June 1989, as the tallest hotel and 7th tallest building in the world. After the crumbling of the Communist bloc… Read more »

First Images of the World’s NEW Tallest building -Jeddah

Today AS+GG Design Firm in Chicago, announced that they will be designing The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to be the tallest in the world. At over 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) and a total construction area of 530,000 square meters (5.7 million square feet), Kingdom Tower will be the centerpiece and first construction phase of the $20 billion Kingdom water-front City development in Jeddah, near the Red Sea. It will surpass Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (800 meters) by at least 173 meters. Expected to cost $1.2 billion to construct, Kingdom Tower will be a mixed-use building featuring a luxury hotel, office space, serviced apartments, luxury condominiums and… Read more »

Will Cairo ever see Zaha Hadid’s NILE TOWER ?

In 2007, British Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid started working on a design for the Nile Tower – a multi-purpose use skyscraper, to be located at the northern edge of downtown Cairo, (for those of you who know Cairo, it neighbors the National-Ahly Bank twin towers in Maspero) . Nile Tower, a 70 story building reaching up a height of 250 meters, will be the highest skyscraper in Egypt. The tower’s main structural elements are concrete fin walls that twists gently over the full height of the tower, opening up various for all tenants on the inside. These fin walls are reflected on the external… Read more »

New York by Gehry

Frank O Gehry, the 82 year old Canadian-American architect, doesn’t look like he’s planning to retire anytime soon. This time he stuns the world with his magnificent “8 Spruce St.” Residential Tower, named “New York by Gehry“. At  265 meters (870 feet) high it joins the iconic Manhattan skyline as the 8th highest tower in New York and the highest residential tower in the Americas. The building’s exterior is covered with twirly stainless steel sheets looking like a fabric, that reflect a glare of changing light giving the “8 Spruce St.” tower different appearances throughout the day, it also contains opening for… Read more »

The World’s 4th Tallest Tower – Wuhan, China

Another Chinese architectural giant is emerging on the scene. On Tuesday 21st of June, the Wuhan Greenland center tower, was announced to be the Landmark of the city of Wuhan in central China, potentially transiting the city from a regional center to an international one. Upon completion the tower would be the 4th tallest structure in the world at 606 m, 119 stories high, dwarfed only by the likes of the Shanghai Tower -scheduled for completion in 2014- at 632 meters high,  and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower at 828 m high. American firm Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture, the winner of… Read more »

The next tallest building in the world – The Miapolis

Just after a few months of its unveiling, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa was already facing competition. Reportedly plans have been floated for a new super scraper in Miami that could steal the crown of the world’s tallest building from the Burj Khalifa. According to Miami herald, Kobi Karp has submitted designs for Miapolis, a ‘city within a city’ planned for Watson Island in Miami, Florida. If built, the 160 storey building will stand at 980m (3200 ft) high, surpassing Burj Khalifa by 183 meters. The proposed $22 billion dollar self-sufficient development would include an amusement park, a trade center, an observatory, rotating sky-lounge, a shopping… Read more »

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