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Exploding Twin Towers Concept Triggers Outrage

A Strange twin towers concept, for Seoul, South Korea, was recently revealed by Dutch designers MVRDV.  The Cloud – consists of 2 high rise residential buildings, joined at the middle of its height span by a pixelated cluster. Oddly, the final renders of the towers gave an impression of resembling a frozen frame of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York in 2001, which triggered a rough wave of outrage in the design fans community, that started with a publication introducing the building on Dezeen magazine.

South Korea’s Virtual Supermarket [VIDEO]

A fresh marketing idea is all what it takes to go from zero to hero!  Tesco homeplus, a newly introduced supermarkets chain in South Korea, is now the second largest in the country, thanks for using the right idea in the right place. South Korea is the second hardest working nation in the world, for such hardworking people, there might be little to no time for grocery shopping. Tesco made use of this fact, along with the reputation of south koreans of having technology integrated in alot of aspects of their lives; they introduced the Virtual Supermarket in subway stations. Huge… Read more »

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