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The World’s Most Colorful Urban Stairs

Life is not bright enough? Add up some colors! Many artists, designers and just enthusiasts take this advice literally. One of the examples is vivid patterns popping up every now and then over regular, unnoticeable stairways in different parts of our planet.  These creative projects transform simple steps into new objects as well as brighten the urban landscape around. 

Splendid Spiral Staircases Photography by Nils Eisfeld

Nils Eisfeld, German photographer, picked staircases as his obsession.  He got a special eye to notice great shapes and angles over what you may have thought were just stairs. Eisfeld’s Stairs series includes lamp-bulb, eye, egg, rabbit hole, leaf-shaped spiral cases and lots of other whatever-your-mind-whispers-to-you canvases of stairs. Inspire your imagination with these spectacular examples of Nils Eisfeld’s work. Source [Nils Eisfeld’s flickr]

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