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Aerial Tilt-Shifts of New York City by Tim Sklyarov

This incredible set of tilt-shift aerial images of New York City, snapped by the city’s-based graphic designer and photographer Tim Sklyarov , gives us a real sense of just how many tall buildings are housed on the mighty Manhattan island, and the size of footprint Central Park occupies on it. Head over to his personal website to see the entire gallery. If you’re interested in a 24×36 canvas print of the image above, head over to Tim’s online store at 500px. You can also follow the graphic designer’s work on Flickr. SEE AlSO: New York City Skyline Welcomes the Highest Building in the Western Hemisphere [Images copyright Tim Sklyarov]

Miniature-like Iconic Landmarks With A Tilt-Shift Touch

Reykjavik Houses Richard Silver travels the world and documents famous landmarks with an aim to show-off the world from a total different perspective. In his series Tilt-Shift, his goal is to shrink iconic landmarks or everyday street scenes, and give them an unusual feel. Silver says, “People always ask me, How do I make people look so small or why do I make people look so small? Simple, we are!” Thus, his goal with the project is to “give the viewer a new way of seeing themselves and their place in the world.” He has captured many famous places and events,… Read more »

The Lion City – Singapore

Here’s a new video from an artist who manages to always push the art of time-lapse in new directions, Keith Loutit. Made using tilt-shift technology, he displays Singapore “The Lion City” like never before. The render technique is amazingly fresh, using a blur-focus wave on various depth to give each static scene a dynamic vibe. (music signed “Sepia Productions”).

13 Amazing Tilt-Shift Photographs at The London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics have just wrapped up their shows in one of the most memorable games in the history of the competition. Over a period of two weeks thousands of atheletes have been seen seen leaping, racing, and battling in stadiums and tracks. Photographers had the chance of bringing out the best of their talents in such a rich field for photography, one of my favorite methods used snaps images using a miniature effect known as Tilt-Shift. It is a type of photography that uses a special lens to create a shallow depth of field, and make the subjects of a photo… Read more »

Toy Eiffel Tower

This beautiful photograph of The Eiffel Tower in the French capital Paris was taken by photographer Mohamed Khalil El Mahrsi , in May 2012. Using a Sony DSLR-α230, he then added a tilt-shift effect using Photoshop, which achieved a miniature-like feel of a toy or an architectural model. The picture, snapped at sunset, carries the perfect balance of highlights and shadows that gives it a heart-warming feeling. Paris is a city thats considered one of the most elegant and intriguing for a photographer’s eye and it takes a talented one to bring out the best of it.

Miniature Spain Time Lapse Video by Joerg Daiber

If you’ve enjoyed the previously posted time lapse videos of Kiev, Ukraine and Lisbon, Portugal, then you just might like this one too. Photographer and filmmaker Joerg Daiber of Spoonfilm, created this attractive miniature-like tilt-shift video of Spain using tilt-shift effect, shot in locations around Seville, Madrid and El Chorro. [More posts about Spain here] Related Images:

Roma In Miniatura by Andrea Dorliguzzo

These impressive aerial images of Rome, Italy by Andrea Dorliguzzo, are quite the decieving shots, that could be misinterepreted as a miniature model of the city. The illusion is achieved by an effect called tilt-shift using special tilt-lenses, other shooting techniques or can be done with the help of Photoshop. The miniature-like photographs are taken from a high angle to give the feeling of looking down at a small model.

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