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Hop on the Starbucks Train!

Great news for Starbucks lovers! Just few days ago Starbucks Coffee Company and SBB unveiled the first Starbucks store on a train. New coffeeshop design was focused on the travellers comfort through their trip providing Starbucks style of service, beverages and treats. The train has two levels accomodating 50 passengers. Warm welcoming interior colors and tints were inspired by coffee pallette. “It was an incredible and rewarding challenge to design our first ever Starbucks store on a train. We had to combine functionality and beautiful design, whilst taking into account a variety of factors such as constant movement of the train,… Read more »

Top 10 Train Trips Around the World

1- Indian Pacific, Sydney to Perth, Austalia One of the world’s great train journeys, it departs from Perth and ends in Sydney, a journey of 4352 km.  Linking the Indian Ocean with the pacific, the journey takes 3 days and runs the world’s longest straight stretch of railway, 478 km across the Nullabor Plain. There are 2 weekly departures from both perth and Sydney that travel through the blue mountains, minning towns like broken hill and kalgoolie, Adelaide, the remotest outpost of cook and vast stretches of outback dessert. (www.gsr.com.au) 2- Hanoi to Lao Cai, Vietnam The train departs Hanoi… Read more »

Makkah Metro

In November 2010, the city of Makkah, KSA unveiled its newest and first elevated train spanning a distance of 18.1 km (11.2 miles).  The project’s main aim is to help ease the transport process of pilgrims in the Hajj season between the holy sites of Makkah, Muzdalifa, Mount Arafat, and Mena.  The rail is constructed parallel to the pedestrian road so that pilgrim tents in Mena are not disturbed. The project was originally planned to be a monorail, but was changed to a conventional steel-wheel, steel-rail design running on a viaduct. The entire train system, including stations, will be elevated… Read more »

Dubai gets the Longest Unmanned Train

Metro systems have evolved to take one of the biggest roles in modern transportation, with a 160 active systems in 2010 worldwide. In 1863, London, UK was the first city to have an underground metro in the world.  In 1987, the Middle East and Africa got their first subway in Cairo, Egypt. The second Middle Eastern metro system was a project that attracted the spot lights.  On the 9th September 2009 at 9:09:09 pm Dubai Metro became the newest system to start operation in the ME. Consisting of 2 major lines, the first line (red line) serves 10 stations and… Read more »

A Tiny World – Miniatur Wunderland

Once upon a time, in July 2000 twins Frederik and Gerrit Braun decided to bring their childhood dream to life. They decided to build the largest model of miniature railway in the world.  Despite of all the difficulties they expected to meet on the way to their achievement, the result was, literally, Wonderland. The project was implemented in the hometown of the Braun brothers, Hamburg, Germany, with a loan of 2 million D-marks and a team of more than 150 personnel. By 2007, their great efforts produced 1000 square meters of model area exhibiting railway connections around Europe and America…. Read more »

China’s Underwater Train

China completes construction of world’s fastest underwater railway tunnel The Construction of China’s first underwater railway tunnel has been recently completed in southern China, which allows trains to operate at the world’s top speed under the water. The project, or the Shiziyang Tunnel, crosses the Pearl River estuary in south China’s Guangdong Province with a length of 10.8 kilometers. It is designed for trains travelling at 350 kilometers per hour, the highest of all underwater tunnels worldwide.  The 10.8-kilometers tunnel, which is also the country’s longest, is a key part of a 140-kilometer high-speed rail link that connects Guangzhou, the… Read more »

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