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Swing at the End of the World

Swing at the End of the World is an attraction for some bravehearts situated at the edge of Baños, Ecuador. It’s a simple swing which hangs over the edge of the cliff of a seismic monitoring station called “La Casa del Árbol” (“The Treehouse”). No safety measures or any kind of protection present. Old-school swing and the beauty of the canyon, that’s simply it. Adrenalin rush garanteed.

Self-Headstands Photos Across the World by Alex Wein

Bored of taking same pictures of smiling yourself next to places of interest? Seeking for selfies inspiration? Alex Wein took this kind of search on the new level. During his cross-country road trip around states in 2011 he started his creative Headstands project. Since then posing while standing on his head became an ongoing case for Wein. He takes the pictures around famous places such as The Grand Canyon in Arizona as well as photos of himself balancing on top of piano. The wicked images are created with the help of Wein’s photographer friends.

Move, Eat, Learn

3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage – all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food – into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films = a trip of a lifetime. Watch and Enjoy Rick Mereki: Director, producer, additional camera and editing Tim White: DOP, producer, primary editing, sound Andrew Lees: Actor, mover, groover

Daily Mail’s Top 10 Google Earth Images

British Daily Mail selected the 10 most amazing Google Earth snapshots voted by visitors of Stratoscam website, a site created by Paul Rademacher, an ex-Dreamworks and Google employee. It’s the first online source of mashed images from Google’s satellites.

The All-Villas Reethi Rah Resort in Maldives by One&Only

The Indian Ocean has always acted as a heat buffer, absorbing, storing, and slowly releasing the tropical heat that creates the amazing weather The Maldives have, making it one of the top tourism destinations for traveler seeking ocean-side privacy and warmth. Today we’re featuring a photo gallery of one of the most breathtaking resorts, that blends the optimum weather, beaches, exclusivity and luxury, The Reethi Rah Resort located on the largest island of North Malé Atoll, Maldives.

Monasteries in Meteora, Greece – Mystical, Magical & Magnificent

In Meteora, Greece, six magnificent monasteries still exist, precariously perched atop 1,300 feet high sandstone pinnacles. Hermit monks constructed the first monastery before nuns came to build too. Access to each monastery was crazy, a leap of faith, climbing rocks, and ladders lashed together or large nets until the ropes would break. The bizarre but beautiful monasteries of Meteora are centuries old and listed by UNESCO World Heritage. The caves in Meteora, Greece, had inhabitants for fifty millennia, but due to raids, “hermit monks” moved to the safety of sandstone rock pinnacles in the 9th century and began building monasteries…. Read more »

Gucci Museum – Florence, Italy

For the last 90 years many people around the world have been enjoying the style of Italian brand – Gucci. As a culmination of celebrating the anniversary, the fashion house decided to open its own museum to mark its evolution and preserve the most significant moments through their history. The official opening was held on the 26th of September 2011 with the presence of many stars from the fashion industry world. starting from September 28, the first visitors were able to enjoy the evolution of the Gucci story. Located in the heart of its hometown – Florence, Italy, inside the 14th century Palazzo della… Read more »

Peek At: Urban Monuments

How do we usually remember cities and towns we’ve been to? Maybe with some special places, significant moments, friends, even food… Sometimes the monuments and landmarks within a city are the most memorable. Especially when you encounter something extraordinary from the trivial meaning of sculpture, representing a historic heritage, architecture or outstanding size out of respect to a remarkable person.  Modern art gives a different new feeling to traditional places as we know them, adding contrast that makes these places even more attractive to tourists. Here are some unusual tributes to city-architecture around the world: 1- An abstract blocking of  wood and… Read more »

A Trip to Kenya

This is a guest post by: Cherine Chart I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to take part in one of the most fulfilling experiences ever. I am writing this article after having spent a month in Kenya on a mission trip aiming to reach out to various social groups: street children, boarding school kids, youth, abused women, mentally & physically disabled, etc. Our work was mainly focused on two cities: Nairobi and Naivasha, and I am pleased to share with you some of my personal observations. In a social context, the thing that struck me the most… Read more »

Japan’s 9-hours Capsule Hotel

From Japan, the busiest most efficient country in the world, comes out a new capsule hotel named 9 hours. Coming along this modern Japanese-style hotel grabbed my attention that 9 hours isn’t just a name, its a complete theme that defines the exact function of the sleep-in facility. Designed by Fumie Shibata of design studio s, the new capsule hotel offers luxury in a minimum living volume by defining the elements necessary for a minimal transit space for day-travelers, businessmen that missed the last train, or night-life goers who are looking for a fast place to crash. The design theme is very minimalistic, it’s majorly white and black,… Read more »

nHow Music Hotel in Berlin by Karim Rashid

The nHow, Europe’s first Music Hotel – in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Located on the banks of the river Spree right between east and west Berlin, and at the epicentre of the music, fashion and creative scene, the new lifestyle hotel was recently opened in November 2010, and it has yet to meet its match. The amazing cantilevered exterior is designed by architect Sergei Tchoban which harmonically complements the stunning and dramatic hotel interior by American designer Karim Rashid. The nHow Berlin represents a new generation of luxury accommodation, it centers on music and design representing a lively, offbeat and dynamic… Read more »

Top 10 Train Trips Around the World

1- Indian Pacific, Sydney to Perth, Austalia One of the world’s great train journeys, it departs from Perth and ends in Sydney, a journey of 4352 km.  Linking the Indian Ocean with the pacific, the journey takes 3 days and runs the world’s longest straight stretch of railway, 478 km across the Nullabor Plain. There are 2 weekly departures from both perth and Sydney that travel through the blue mountains, minning towns like broken hill and kalgoolie, Adelaide, the remotest outpost of cook and vast stretches of outback dessert. (www.gsr.com.au) 2- Hanoi to Lao Cai, Vietnam The train departs Hanoi… Read more »

Top 10 Most Visited Cities Worldwide

Where to go for vacation this year? Not only to release your mind from the daily routine but to see something really spectacular and breathtaking and at same time comfortable and tourist friendly. That’s the question you start to spine in your brain as soon as the horizon is lit by the upcoming break or sometimes even as soon as you are back from the last one. Here’s a fast peek at the 10 most visited cities in the world: 10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 6,81 million tourists. 9. Istanbul, Turkey, 7.51 million tourists. 8.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 8.11 million tourists…. Read more »

Chefchaouen – the Blue City of Morocco

Chefchaouen or Chaouen is a city in northwest Morocco. It is known for its blue-rinsed houses and buildings, a tradition that comes from the town’s former Jewish population. The city was found in 1471, as a small fortress which still exists to this day, by Moorish exiles from Spain led by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami to fight the Portuguese invasions of northern Morocco. Chefchaouen was a base for Riffian berber tribes from which attacks on Portuguese Ceuta were made. After the fall of Granada in 1492 there was a wave of Muslim and Jewish refugees that flooded into Morocco, who brought to the city… Read more »

Top 25 bizarre hotels (part 2)

13.  Das Park Hotel, Ottensheim, Austria Hotel rooms built from giant concrete sewage pipe segments This is a one-of-a-kind hotel, it has been designed from the outset to use worldwide standard concrete drainage or sewage pipe sections – so you could well see more of them in the future. The idea of Andreas Strauss in 2004, the first rooms were provided in Linz. Now in nearby Ottensheim, rooms are accessed by a digital keypad, whose code is provided by the self service website upon booking acceptance. The beauty of these pipes is that their concrete utilitarian look needs little alteration to make… Read more »

Coober Pedy – The Underground City

Coober Pedy is a town in northern South Australia with a population of 3,500 and over 45 different nationalities. The town is known as the Opal capital of the world because of the quantity of precious opals that are mined there. Opal was first found in Coober Pedy on the 1st of February 1915 and since then has been supplying the world with the majority of gem quality opal. Unusual name of the town comes from the local Aboriginal term kupa-piti, which means ‘whitemans hole’ or ‘waterhole’. Nowadays Coober Pedy relies as much on tourism as the opal mining industry to provide the community with employment… Read more »

Top 10 Visited Countries in the World

Tourism has taken its present-day definition starting from the early 1800s as “someone traveling abroad for more than twenty-four hours and less that 6 months, for recreational, leisure, or business purposes”. It’s significant growth towards the mid 1900s gave it a different economy-impacting dimension. Nowadays for some countries as France, Egypt, Greece, United States, Spain, Italy, and Thailand, and many island nations, such as The Bahamas, Fiji, Maldives, Philippines and the Seychelles, Tourism is a vital source of income. International tourism arrivals grew nearly 7% in 2010 to 940 million travelers, generating a total of $991 billion (€693 billion) in exports earnings and is expected to grow between 4% and 5% in 2011…. Read more »

Top 25 bizarre hotels (part 1)

1. Palacio de Sal, Uyuni, Bolivia Palacio de Sal Hotel & Spa, newly remodeled and unique in the world, is completely built in salt. Walls, floors, ceilings, and most of the furniture too – chairs, tables and beds are all made of salt. There is also a 9-hole salt golf course designed by Christian Pensu. You’ll also see stunning sunsets (you’re 3650m above sea level), with an amazing backdrop of the mountain ranges in the distance. 2. Dockside Crane Hotel, Harlingen, Netherlands This is a genuine dockside crane which has been the recipient of intelligent engineering and dedicated devotion rarely… Read more »

Comic and Animation Museum – Hangzhou, China

We’ve been mentioning China a few times so far since our start and we still didn’t get enough! Featuring another magnificent structure scheduled for construction in 2012, the China Comic and Animation Museum in Hangzhou, China. Dutch studio MVRDV – the winner of museum’s international design competition – quoted: “(Rotterdam, 5th May 2011) Hangzhou urban planning bureau has announced MVRDV winner of the international design competition for the China Comic and Animation Museum (CCAM) in Hangzhou, China. MVRDV won with a design referring to the speech balloon: a series of eight speech balloon shaped volumes create an internally complex museum experience of in total… Read more »

The World through Road Signs

A globalized world, growth of populations, and facilitated means of transportation, increase the number of commuters and travelers around the planet. Nowadays while visiting other countries, excursions with a guide are not enough. More and more people want to explore their trip destinations on their own with the enjoyment of driving around. Part of what makes driving in foreign countries less complicated is their guiding road and traffic signs. By 2004, 52 countries of the world had signed The Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals (1968), so the standardized system would simplify the driving while visiting countries with language difference,… Read more »

Marina Bay Sands Integrated Hotel with SkyPark – Singapore

A hotel with a roof garden? I don’t think so! In Singapore, Safdie Architects have completely changed the traditional meaning of a “roof garden” to evolutionary expectations.  The Boston-based internationally renowned design firm have created a masterpiece within its existence, The Marina bay Sands. 3 Hotel towers 55 stories each acting as the carriers of a 2.5 acres SkyPark that spans from one tower to the other and cantilevers 65 meters (213 feet) beyond the third tower (the largest roof garden in the world)! Just Amazing. The Marina Bay Sands combines more than 121,000 square meters (1.3 million square feet)… Read more »

How Many Architects Can You Fit in One Hotel?

In July 2005, a new hotel was added to Madrid’s hotel inventory. The Puerta America wasn’t just another hotel opening in the Spanish capital, it was ‘The’ hotel, a luxury concept. The Puerta America is very unique in the fact that it was a co-design between 19 of the today’s biggest internationally acclaimed names in the field of Architecture and Interior Design from 13 different countries, showcasing their magic in a very harmonious piece of design. With a price tag rising up to around $100 million there were really no obstacles to their imagination. They approached a minimalist high tech… Read more »

The 10 most livable cities in the world

Everyday-growing world population of 6.7 billion people is living throughout earth under very contrasting circumstances, from needy and illiterate to extreme luxury and prosperity among different localities. Nowadays the number of cities around the planet overcame 2.5 millions including 101 metropolises. Neither size nor population can attach the good reputation and cozy surroundings to a city. There are much more important criteria to define the most livable city among many others as safety/crime, international connectivity, climate/sunshine, quality of architecture, public transportation, tolerance, environmental issues and access to nature, urban design, business conditions, pro active policy developments and medical care. The… Read more »

The next tallest building in the world – The Miapolis

Just after a few months of its unveiling, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa was already facing competition. Reportedly plans have been floated for a new super scraper in Miami that could steal the crown of the world’s tallest building from the Burj Khalifa. According to Miami herald, Kobi Karp has submitted designs for Miapolis, a ‘city within a city’ planned for Watson Island in Miami, Florida. If built, the 160 storey building will stand at 980m (3200 ft) high, surpassing Burj Khalifa by 183 meters. The proposed $22 billion dollar self-sufficient development would include an amusement park, a trade center, an observatory, rotating sky-lounge, a shopping… Read more »

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