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The Ukrainian Revolution in Photos

Ukraine has been going through many tremendous events the last few months. Peaceful protests escalated to bloody clashes between protesters and police forces resulting into around 100 people dead and many more injured. As the destiny of the situation is still unclear people of Ukraine will not let go of their righteous will. Freedom shall ultimately prevail. Here we picked some chronological pictures of the events from Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) and surrounding streets in Kyiv, Ukraine. Pianist, December 7th, 2013. Photo by Oleg Matseh   “March of Millions”, December 8th 2013. Photo by airpano.com   Special forces on the streets… Read more »

“Wiki loves the Earth 2013″ Photo Contest in Ukraine

Public organization, Wikimedia Ukraine, wrapped up its latest national photo-contest, Wiki loves the Earth 2013. The contest went on for one month, from April 15 till May 15, and ended with a jury picking the 12 best photographs of natural attractions in Ukraine out of 11,736 images submitted by 365 participants. The contest was primarily aimed at creating a new photo-database of all the natural protected areas of Ukraine, in order to illustrate them on Wikipedia’s articles.   Reserve “Stone Graves”   “White Elephant” an abandoned campus of the former Polish Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory, Carpathian Mountains    Mud hill Obrucheva, Crimea    Regional Landscape Park “Zuevsky”    Vorozheska Lake, Svidovets… Read more »

Time-Lapse Magic at the Capital of the Ukrainian North – Chernihiv

A young talent from Chernihiv, Ukraine, photographer Dima Torianyk created a very sweet video describing his hometown. It took him one month and 25,000 shots in preparation, he picked out 15,000 ones to finish his 2 minutes of perfection. The gear used is 18-135 and helios 44-2. Torianyk depicts the modern dynamic and unique history of an originally small yet amazing city in a way that makes you hit the play button one more time. Watch the time-lapse video: [Credits: Dima Torianyk] [Via: Vimeo] [Music: Foster The People – Houdini]

Stadiums of Euro 2012 [photo gallery]

Today is the kick-off of the European Cup of Football (EURO 2012) which is jointly hosted by Poland and Ukraine. We’ve compiled a picture gallery of the venues where the games are played. 8 cities and 8 stadiums, some new, some renovated, but for sure stunning.

Breathtaking Time-Lapse Video of Kiev, Ukraine by Efim Graboy and Daria Turetski

Looks like Ukrainians are also individually participating in promoting their country for the upcoming UEFA Euro-2012 Cup of Nations hosted by Ukraine and Poland this June. This amazing time-lapse video by Efim Graboy and Daria Turetski was shot entirely in Kiev, Ukraine over the course of 5 days and 2 nights.

Trash Bin Calendar by Yurko Gutsulyak

Graphical design products (like calendars, posters, business cards, etc) have a very short life-time span and must fulfill its full potential by possessing a very grabby and bright idea to completely reach the user it’s disposed. Reaching to the trash bin was the main idea of the project made by Ukrainian designer Yurko Gutsulyak. He created calendar trash bag:, through a product that consists of 4 sets of garbage bags rolls, each with 3 rolls for every months of the year. Each bag has a date printed on it so when you place a fresh garbage bag in your bin everyday,… Read more »

Ushanki Shelf-lamp from Ukrainian Design Studio decorkuznetsov

Old-stye soviet winter hat “shapka-ushanka” gave an inspiration and name to a new project by creative design agency – decorkuznetsov from Ukraine. Earflaps of the hat gave a shape to the modern “Ushanki” shelf-lamps; they come in different definition of shelf-dad, shelf-mom and shelf-son all in bulb shape and playful blue color. Each piece has a fluorescent lamp hidden inside, which transforms a regular idea of the shelf into the very comfortable yet stylish and functional night-stand. “Ushanki” is not the only outstanding project of the decorkuznetsov – it has been established in 1994 and became a winner of many exhibitions… Read more »

NSC “Olimpiyskyi” – Stadium for Euro2012 in Kyiv, Ukraine

Less than a year is left till the European Cup of Nations Euro 2012 – the 14th European Championship for national football teams sanctioned by UEFA. The host countries, Ukraine and Poland, are in their last stage of stadium preparations.  5 games of the cup including the final match will be hosted in the National Sport Complex “Olimpiyskiy” in Kyiv, Ukraine. The sport complex’s stadium, built in 1923, has been through many reconstruction processes and name changes during its life span. The most recent renovations started in August 2008; the old sport complex had to be adjusted for the needs and requirements of the upcoming football cup according… Read more »

How Fun Can Your Office Get?

How many times you woke up in the morning feeling like not going to work today? Plenty is my guess.  An average employee spends approximately 160 hours or more per month at work, multiply that by the years of work from graduation till retirement that’s around a 1/3 of a person’s most productive years spent at the office. The business world is mostly stuck to a specific design of workspace, usually indiscernible colors, similar small cubicles, and uncomfortable kitchens and facilities – if available, leading sometimes to boredom, inefficiency and weak staff performance. The stereotype should be broken, and it… Read more »

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