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Timelapse of London to Brighton Train Journey: 1953, 1983, 2013

60 years ago in 1953 the BBC  took a non-stop video of a train journey from London to Brighton. Then after 30 years in 1983 they did the same trip. And as another 30 years passed BBC sent their correspondent Paul Clifton to repeat the exercise and observe the changes after more than half a century. Looks like time didn’t effect much on the London-Brighton train route, well, maybe except of the passengers outfits style.

10 Breathtaking Timelapses to Celebrate Earth Day

Monday, April 22nd, is Earth Day — the only day of the year dedicated to celebrate our home planet responsible for giving us life and beauty in all of its forms and pictures. Here’s to celebrating our home planet’s biggest day: 10 timelapse videos that perfectly capture Earth’s breathtaking landscapes. They’ll make you want to rush outside and hug a tree (or, better yet, plant one). A Forest Year Alchemy Aurora Borealis Landscapes Fall in Central Park Natural Phenomena The Northern Lights Dance Solar Eclipse Around the World in a Time-Lapse Earth Happy Earth Day everyone! [mashable]

A Forest Year (timelapse video)

Samuel Orr is the photographer behind this nature-insightful time-lapse video. A Forest Year is Orr’s first foray into time-lapses, demonstrating great patience. It was made from 40,000 still images taken from his front window over a period of 15 months, and were blended into this film. The video was released about a month ago and has since gone viral. A very well done job Mr. Orr! we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on his upcoming work.

This Cool Animation Uses Letters of Words to Describe Their Meaning

The challenge: “Create an image out of a word, using only the letters in the word itself.” The only rule: “Use only the graphic elements of the letters without adding outside parts.” The result: This cool video by Ji Lee. Enjoy!

Dean Potter’s Moonwalk [video]

Bringing cinema to the world’s toughest locations: Adventure filmmaker Bryan Smith shot this remarkable clip of American free climber Dean Potter from New Hampshire, crossing a highline tied to Cathedral Peak in Yosemite National Park. The shot was captured during the 2011 filming of the National Geographic Channel show, The Man Who Can Fly, which featured Potter wingsuiting and BASE jumping. To get the wild perspective timed with the moving full moon, Smith used a camera equipped with a Canon 800mm super telephoto lens positioned over a mile away. Fantastic capture. [Via Redbull]

Move, Eat, Learn

3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage – all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food – into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films = a trip of a lifetime. Watch and Enjoy Rick Mereki: Director, producer, additional camera and editing Tim White: DOP, producer, primary editing, sound Andrew Lees: Actor, mover, groover

Time-Lapse Magic at the Capital of the Ukrainian North – Chernihiv

A young talent from Chernihiv, Ukraine, photographer Dima Torianyk created a very sweet video describing his hometown. It took him one month and 25,000 shots in preparation, he picked out 15,000 ones to finish his 2 minutes of perfection. The gear used is 18-135 and helios 44-2. Torianyk depicts the modern dynamic and unique history of an originally small yet amazing city in a way that makes you hit the play button one more time. Watch the time-lapse video: [Credits: Dima Torianyk] [Via: Vimeo] [Music: Foster The People – Houdini]

Breathtaking Manhattan in Motion Time Lapse Video

A remarkable time lapse video posted earlier on Archdaily, by Mindrelic on Vimeo, capturing the fast pace of life on the stunning streets of Manhattan, New York. The maker spent a little over a month hotel hopping around Manhattan to shoot this time lapse. The reflection and refraction of lights and shadows on the high-rise buildings of the island are breathtaking. Check out more time lapse videos and more posts about New York. [Via ArchDaily]

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