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GoPro Footage of A Skier’s Thrilling Zoom Through A Forest

If a steep slope doesn’t present enough challenge of it’s own, a combo of forest trees and a slope might. Exactly what skiers Candide Thovex and Aziz Benkrich display in their thriller footage captured using a GoPro camera. They successfully prove one clear point – skiing doesn’t get much more extreme than this. They’re going so fast and getting so close to wiping each other out , it messes with your nerves. What a ride.  SEE ALSO: Top 10 Adrenaline-Rushing Short Videos Shot With A GoPro Camera

Ballpoint Barber – Reverse Haircut Timelapse

Inspired by old magnetic Wooly Willy toy, Peter Simon directed “Ballpoint Barber” – a playful stop-motion animation video of his friend Tom Offer-Westort “growing” his hair and beard via ballpoint pen. An extreme talent and 300 printed pages were put together to create the effect of a magic pen. Music by Paul Otteson. Enjoy!

When Was The Last Time You Did Something Good? Humanity Caught on Camera

This touching footage is a result of unlimited hours of video surveillance through cams placed in car dashboards in Russia. To help control rising insurance fraud many cars are now equipped with these dash cams to capture what unfolds in front of vehicles in an attempt to aid innocent people, law enforcement, and insurance firms in the event of an accident. These cameras have caught all sorts of crazy happenings- car accidents, low-flying jets, insurance scam attempts, meteors, and plane crashes – leading many to believe that Russia is a place where crazy things pretty much happens constantly. The cams also unfolded… Read more »

Top 10 Adrenaline-Rushing Short Videos Shot With A GoPro Camera

The moment I discovered the existence of this product, I instantly fell in love with the idea as much as the results. The GoPro camera is literally the imagination of an adventure camera simplified and put to work, it just makes me want to mount it on my bike or helmet and get out there and start doing crazy things. The potential of creativity it puts in your hands is undeniably immense. Out of my love for this camera I’ve decided to compile this adrenaline-rushing list of 10 of their best short videos shot by a GoPro, so grab on… Read more »

The Stunning “EGYPT HD” Time-Lapse by Koree Films Has Been Released!

A few weeks earlier we posted the official teaser of the  time-lapse short film entitled ‘Egypt HD’, along side some of the photos used in the movie that were sent to us by the makers. Well, this morning photographer, director and editor Abd El Rahman Gabr, of Koree Films, and Qube Productions (previously featured here and here) has released his masterpiece after months and months of hard work. Gabr, started traveling and shooting in September 2012, he later joined efforts with Mahmoud Zahran, who together, roamed the country shooting some 50,000 images to create their first ever professional time-lapse. The movie is primarily aimed at exploring the most amazing and exotic locations… Read more »

“EGYPT HD” Teaser

Egypt-based photographer, director and editor Abd El Rahman Gabr, of Koree Films, (previously featured here and here), has sent us this morning an exclusive teaser for his upcoming timelapse short film entitled “EGYPT HD”. The movie is aimed at exploring the most amazing and exotic locations in Egypt. “Our purpose of this video is to show and give true credit to this country.” Gabr describes Gabr is set to take off on a few more travel destination around Egypt to finalize shooting for his movie for a release by early spring 2013. Watch the teaser and stay tuned for the full version’s release here on… Read more »

The ABC of Architects

The ABC Of Architects is an animated video featuring an alphabetical list of the most notorious architects and a major project they’ve done. Performed by Federico Gonzalez on a concept by Andrea Stinga, this simple and successful creation can quickly reveal the biggest names in architecture. Watch the cool animation:

Papercraft Stop-Motion Music Video by Animation Masters Kijek & Adamski

Here’s the latest stop motion music video from animation duo Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski  for Japanese singer-songwriter Shugo Tokumaru. The video was launched just this morning courtesy of Pitchfork and shared by Colossal, it features a highly-precise parade of thousands of cut paper and foam silhouettes. Now sit back, turn up the volume and set this video to full-screen:

The Finest Time-Lapse for America’s Finest City – San Diego by XOXO

XOXO Wedding Studio has created this beautiful and simply put time-lapse video of San Diego, California (aka America’s Finest City). The video entitled America’s Finest Time Lapse, manages to make you instantly fall in love with the magical pacific city. Thanks to the gorgeous settings, superb directioning, and the time and effort spent to pull it off as stunning as it is. A very cheerful portrait indeed. [Via Vimeo]

Vivid Sydney 3D Mapping Time Lapse by Ian Waldie

The city of Sydney, Australia was transformed into a light show and music celebration at the Vivid Sydney festival in May 2012. Ian Waldie has created this beautiful time lapse video showing some of the spectacular light installations on iconic Sydney buildings. Sydney was once again transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas when Vivid Sydney took over the city after dark from 25 May 2012. This time lapse piece was shot over a few nights, showing just some of the amazing light installations at Vivid this year. Coloring the city with creativity and inspiration, Vivid Sydney highlights include the hugely popular immersive light… Read more »

220 Artists Illustrating The World’s Largest Alpona in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Commemorating the Bengal new year, last month, communication company Airtel,  supported by Prothom Alo, got together with 5 of the country’s leading artist to create history. The dream was to paint the world’s largest Alpona- a colorful motif painted on fortunate days such as weddings or community events in the Bengal region- on Manik Mia avenue in Dhaka. 220 young artists, supported by thousands of the city’s residents, worked from 12AM to 6AM, using almost 3,600 liters of paint to create an Alpona that stretched from one end of the Manik Mia to another. The 1 km long Alpona created covered a staggering area of… Read more »

Share a Coke – Coca Cola’s Genius Marketing Campaign in Australia

Coca Cola came up with one of their best marketing campaigns in their marketing history. After a study that stated that 50% of Australians haven’t tasted a Coke during a given month, the company decided that its time to reconnect with the public and remind the people of their favorite soft drink, and they’ve done it brilliantly. The company picked 150 of the most popular names in Australia and printed a unique name on each Coke bottle, urging user to “Share a Coke” with a special someone. The move grabbed immense attention and triggered sales like never before, booming the company’s profits and regaining its proper… Read more »

Jetman “Yves Rossy” Breathtaking Fly Over The Swiss Alps

Man has dreamt of flying since the rise of civilization, starting from Abbas Ibn Firnas of Andalucia  (810–887 A.D.), who attempted flying using a pair of wings up till the American Wright Brothers who invented a glider biplane in the end of the 19th century. Today this has been made possible to do individually; Swiss pilot Yves Rossy is filmed in the following video soaring the skies over the Swiss alps appearing to be fully in-control over his Jet, he’s considered to be the first man to have the performances of an airplane with only his body movements to steer, an imagination coming to life really…. Read more »

McDonald’s Reflective Billboard Only Visible at Night

Advertising agency Cossette, based in Vancouver, BC, came up with a brilliant billboard design for McDonald’s restaurant. To target potential customers of the night looking for a fast meal on the go, a reflective billboard was designed which during daytime appears to be blank with no message, but at night the driving cars’ headlights reveal an advertising message that reads “Open all night”; definitely an attention grabber.

Brilliant Advertising: Drama on a Flemish Square by TNT Belgium

Don’t you love it when brands actually listen to their creative agencies and go with an idea totally out of the box. Here on a quiet Flemish square in a quiet Flemish town on a calm square where nothing much really happens, TNT launched a reality ad campaign to introduce their new TV channel in Belgium. Watch and see what happens when someone presses the Red Button:

The Three Funniest Google Glasses Parody Videos

Just a few days ago Google released a teaser video of their nifty concept gadget Project Glass. The video went viral online with plenty of reactions on how undoubtedly exciting and futuristic the glasses are. Of course, speculations also rambled on imagining side effects of such a gadget and how you might hurt yourself wearing them while moving. Hopefully, they won’t be as funny and painful as these Google glasses  parody videos!

Google’s Project Glass – A Leap into the Future

This is freshly baked out of the oven of Google X laboratory, a futuristic gadget that defines how deeply interactive smart computers will be within our daily lives. A video teaser released by Google introduced Project Glass, a pair of star-trek-like glasses with voice-controlled virtual computing abilities. The slim line fits around the forehead with a small screen in the top right corner to transmit information to the wearer. The computer is thought to be powered by Android operating system, with an interface similar to their smart phones. I’d like to see Apple’s move now, specially that this could be the next big thing… Read more »

Earth Hour 2012: 8.30pm, Saturday 31 March [Official Video]

This year at 8:30pm, Saturday 31 March is Earth Hour 2012,  the world’s celebration of an action for the planet  by switching off lights for an hour, then go beyond the hour. From 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm and within those 60 minutes, millions of people across the world will turn off their lights to raise awareness of climate changes taking place. Many monuments and landmarks across the world will turn off their lights and take part in this event. From its start as a single-city initiative by Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour has grown into a global symbol of hope and movement for change. In 2011, Earth… Read more »

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