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Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2014

The 30th Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival was officially opened on January 5th in Harbin, located in the north-east of China. It’s now one of the world’s biggest snow and ice festivals and one of the most popular winter destinations in China. For one month icy wonderland will be filled with winter themed attractions, 240-meter-long ice slide,  gigantic spectacular sculptures like replicas of Colosseum and Empire State Building made of ice blocks from the frozen Songhua River and illuminated with colorful LED lights. 500,000 square meter space packed with all kinds of winter fun, could it be more exciting!

This is What Niagara Falls Look Like Frozen

We’ve all seen it on the news, some us lived its bitterness, but just in case you haven’t heard about it – The most part of the US and southern Canada suffered from an unprecedented freeze, a polar vortex, an arctic blast, that took temperatures down to new record lows for these areas, impacting some 240 million people. With wind chill factored in, cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, and Toronto saw temperatures as low as -50 C (-58 F). Photos of these frozen cities have went viral online over the past few days, displaying what looked like a modern-day ice age…. Read more »

Netherlands’ Natural Ice Triggers Rare Winter Sports

Amsterdam-based photographer Ben Visbeek recently took some breathtaking photos of the Dutch ice yachting and skating on the Gouwzee, a bay in North Holland. As Visbeek writes, “The Netherlands is a small country of 16 million people, but it boasts a quarter of a million competitive speedskaters, and millions more who skate for fun.” Natural ice in the Netherlands is a rare occurrence. Some winters have no natural ice at all. Maybe that explains why the Dutch love to skate outdoors. They hardly ever get the chance! But when a cold wave hits, and the interconnected maze of canals, rivers… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Winter in Alexandria, Egypt

One of the most stunning captures I’ve seen of my hometown, Alexandria, Egypt, is snapped by the talented amateur photographer Amy El Shaarawy. Her photograph of Alexandria’s main seaside road wet from rain and angry waves, briefly describes and sums up what the city is all about. Though a coastal city popular for its beaches, resorts and summer getaways, anyone that know Alexandria loves its quiet and heart-warming rainy winters further more than its crowded hot and humid summers. Great photograph! [Wet me Alex © Amy Elshaarawy] [On Flickr]

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