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Magic of the Golden Hour Around the World

Golden Hour means the first and the last hour of sunlight during the day, when the photographer is able to achieve that magnificent magic effect of a shot due to the quality of light. National Geographic asked Your Blog community to show their best images of dusk and down around the globe. Here we would like to share some of the most impressive photos from the travel category of the “Golden Hour” album, which were submitted by professional and hobbyist photographers. 1. Monument Valley, Utah. Photograph by Mark Donougher Sunset provides magical light for less than five minutes on the Diné deities.   2. Vietnam Veterans… Read more »

The Scale of the Universe – from Micro to Colossal by Cary Huang [An Interactive Flash]

The Scale of the Universe, an inspiring interactive animation by Cary Huang, displaying an entertaining and detailed comparison between different creatures and objects that exists within our universe. Starting at the microscopic scale of DNAs and nuclei  up to the colossal scales of stars and galaxies, shinning an immense contrast on the size of a human being compared to just about everything else. Try it yourself! Press Start, wait shortly for it load, use the right/ left scroll bar for zooming in and out, and click on any object for some brief info, Enjoy the knowledge!

If the World lived in One City… [INFOGRAPHIC]

If the whole world’s population of 6.9 billion people were to concentrate into one giant metropolis, how big would this city be? The graphic below shows the size of territory needed to accommodate the entire earth’s population according to the density of the mentioned cities. The difference clearly shows suburban crawl and the average area of land available for each person in different urban areas of the world.  [tip: to zoom in the graphic, right click the image and open in a new browser tab]  [via: Archdaily] [References: www.persquaremile.com]

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